[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)


(Jimmy) #226

Double check that every device involved in your SHM security setup runs local. Contacts, motions, sirens, lights, etc.

(Craig Fisher) #227

I just picked up a dome siren and am having some troubles getting the device handler to work and show all the different settings. I don’t have the options as show above after following all the steps. I did see a comment on another thread that I need to set my device handler type to “Dome Siren” but i’m not seeing it as an option.

For the record, I created the device handler first and then paired the device through the smartthings app. Not very hard steps to follow. I’ve tried 3 times and nothing. I’m wondering if the device handler isn’t picking up on the dome siren that I paired? Just guessing. I’m quite lost at this point.

Thanks in advance for an help!

(A) #228

Ok, I got it working with caveats. I deleted all cloud devices, and all smartapps. I’m not sure if this is required, but I also turned off push notifications. When this smartapp was Saved, the SHM card showed up on the Dashboard again. Then in the IDE, My Devices–>List SmartApps shows

  • Smart Home Monitor cloud
    • Custom cloud
    • Security cloud
      • Alert with Lights local
      • Alert with Sirens local

There’s a slight delay of like 10 seconds from a sensor to triggering the alarm without internet. The alarm is unable to be turned off until it’s timeout (set up in the smartapp). While the alarm is going off, I plugged the LAN cable back in. My phone didn’t show any intrusion alert (red screen) nor did it show up in the history.

I’m going to keep playing with it and see what I can come up with.

Summary: You can use the Dome door sensors and siren with the standard basic Z-wave device handlers and they will work without internet service in SHM. SHM seems to have a bug that it won’t always record an intrusion if internet is cut. Dome sensors are like $10 cheaper than other brands on amazon, and the siren is a bit cheaper as well. and all are Z-wave so they are pretty secure.

(A) #229

I had the same issue at first, then I followed the steps in post212 of this thread linked here:: [RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official) and it I was able to select the custom device handler and get all the sounds, however it only works if you have internet connection. if someone cuts your internet, you have no alarm. The default Zwave siren device handler will still work however.

(Kevin) #230

You have to use the SmartThings Classic Mobile App.

(ABBAS) #231

Go to IDE – Click my Devices-- click Dome siren and update , hope it will help.

(IOTReaper) #232

Hi there, thanks for the custom device handler. I’m trying to use this on the new app with the mesh smartthings wifi/hubs but it is only showing the alarm modes rather than the chimes etc. I’m probably doing something wrong, appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks, R

(Jimmy) #233

you aren’t doing anything wrong. That’s how it looks in the new app since they don’t currently allow custom display elements or commands. use Classic if you want to use those.

(Kevin) #234

If you use my Zooz Smart Chime DTH with the Dome Siren you can select the device as a dimmer in the new app to play the chimes. I think level 10 plays chime 1, level 20 plays chime 2, etc.

(IOTReaper) #235

Great, thanks! I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

(IOTReaper) #236

Thanks, seems to work! Is there anyway of controlling the volume?


So I have two Dome Sirens and I want to push the same tone to each when a door is opened. The tone depends upon the door location. The problem I am having is that one of the alarms repeats the tone up to three times at random. I was using the Speaker Companion app at first and due to this problem, I have started using the old Speaker Notify with Sound that has been modified to allow selection of multiple alarms for one app command. The amount of random repeats is the same, but since two alarms are listed in one command, it forces the second alarm to have the repeat problem. So one alarm does not have this problem. That’s better than nothing. Anyways, are there any suggestions that would help eliminate the problem altogether? A modification to the app code or device handler?

(Jimmy) #238

I think it’s a device firmware problem. I get random repeats too.


It’s always the last device to respond that repeats. I didn’t have any problems with just one alarm.

(Kevin) #240

Dome and I discovered the same thing and there’s nothing that can be done in the handler to fix it. I’ve found that SHM makes the problem worse, but it still occasionally happens when using other apps like Speaker Companion.

When I have a moment I’ll test it with Hubitat to see if it does the same thing because it might be something weird that SmartThings is doing.

(Lindsey) #241

Just received my dome siren and set it up using the device handler above. Loving the functionality so far! One issue I’m having though is the default device settings not applying to the Speaker Companion app. If I have the dome siren settings to play the alarm for 1 minute and to delay the alarm for 15 seconds, how do I get this to happen with Speaker Companion? It seems as though the two aren’t speaking for me.

(Kevin) #242

Smart Home Monitor’s siren actions use the “both” command so that’s the only command that uses the delay setting. I’m not sure if you can execute the both command from Speaker Companion.

(Lindsey) #243

I see. I was able to get it working using the Smart Home Monitor. Thank you!

(Andyshoover) #244

Had one dome siren running 1.2.2 handler. I got a second one and updated the handler to 1.2.3 and now I only get the alarm in the app, no chimes or alarms or any of the sounds I had originally. Even my initial device updated to 1.2.3 and is now not giving me anything more than the siren. What am i missing?

(Jimmy) #245

Manually change the handler assigned to the device in the ide.