[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)


(tdo) #205

Having some problems adding the Dome Siren with all the chimes/sirens. I get just the on/off.
I’ve gone through the youtube video and added the Device Handler before adding the Siren. Have gone through and deleted the device and added it again according to the manual.

When I go to the Device itself, under Type, it’s currently set to Z-Wave Siren. I don’t see a Dome Siren as a Type to select from the long list.
I’ve verified the Device Handler is set.

Raw Description is: zw:F type:1005 mfr:021F prod:0003 model:0088 ver:2.94 zwv:4.38 lib:06 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,70,85,59,25,71,87,80 role:07 ff:8F00 ui:8F00

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Kevin) #206

If you installed and published the custom driver it will be located at the bottom of the list.

(Tim Westhoven) #207

I’d like to have my DMS01 Dome Siren chime when my back yard gate is open (after a delay I specify), and have it continuously chime until the gate is closed… I tried using a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor and it will turn on the alarm for a time period (I set it to 60 minutes), but I can’t figure out how to turn it off when the gate closes. I tried writing a rule to turn the alarm on for “0” minutes when the gate closed but that did not work… seems like this is something many folks would want (an alarm while something is open, but then turns off when its closed) but I can’t seem to find a solution… I’m sure I’m missing something obvious… appreciate any help.
Running Smart Things Classic app and official Dome Siren DH.

(Kevin) #208

Use Smart Lighting. Select the device as a switch and turn it off when the contact sensor closes.

(tdo) #209

Thank you sir.
It was published but just was at the very very bottom.
I thought it was in alphabetical order and thought it wasn’t there.
Thanks again!

(Kwadyote) #211

I installed the device handler as instructed and ST finds the device as a Dome Siren but when I select the siren I don’t get all the chime options. Instead I only see three tiles per screenshot below. Any idea why I don’t see the other alarm and chimes.

(Jimmy) #212

They added the Dome fingerprint to the default siren device handler and it appears to be picking that one over the one @krlaframboise made. Go to the device in the ide and manually change the Type entry. The custom one will be at the bottom of the drop down.

(Kwadyote) #213

That did it…THANKS!!!

(bripabz@gmail.com) #214

I had to reset my hub and connect it to a different account as Smartthings screwed up my account during migration to Samsung Accounts and now I can not re-add the siren!

I created the new account, added the device handler, I reset the hub, then when I go to add the siren in the app it won’t find it.

I tried taking the batteries out and letting it set for a few then tried to re-add it again to no avail. I also the tried to delete the DH and then re-add still to n avail.

I looked under location --> List Devices and I don’t see a siren anywhere…

What do I do? Did I do something wrong? I was able to add all my other devices without issue…

Please Help!

(bripabz@gmail.com) #215

Okay out of frustration (and to answer my own question) I tried the hold hold the button down for 30 seconds to see if something like a reset would happen and it worked! Held the button down for 30 seconds (or more) until the Dome Siren light came on and stayed on, then hit the button once to turn of the lights and then tried to add the siren to Smartthings and it took!

(A) #216

So when I use the standard “Zwave alarm” device type, it shows up as a “Local Execution Location” Device, yet it still doesn’t work if the internet connection is lost. (All my door switches are local as well). If I use the custom “Dome Siren” device type, then the “My Devices” says it’s “Cloud” execution location which makes sense. I’m happy to lose the chirp and bell options if it will just work locally in case internet is lost. Any ideas or tips?

(Jimmy) #217

What smart app are you using? It has to run locally too. Which I think is only smart home monitor and smart lighting.

(A) #218

No smart apps, just the Dome Device Handlers for the siren and a couple door sensors, though I have other door sensors that work natively with no device handler and it looks the same as the dome sensors, but does not trigger the dome siren when it is set as a local z-wave alarm either.

Clarification: I tested with both the dome siren device handler AND using it as a standard z wave siren with the same results… squat.

(Jimmy) #219

So then what are you using to trigger the Dome siren when you’re testing with the internet being out?

(A) #220

So here’s my setup: I have a smartthings hub, a couple Dome door sensors (require device handler which I would assume would be cloud, but they show up as Local devices) and an ecolink door sensor which shows up as local and required no device handler. These are the inputs and the output is the dome siren. My hub is connected to my wifi router, and the router to the internet via LAN cable to my modem.

The scenario is that someone could easily cut the phone/cable line and break in. (It’s a common tactic for thieves). My Ecolink sensor (local) should still be able to trigger the base “z-wave siren” device type that my Dome is set up as, which is also local. I’d lose the functionality of the chimes and bells of the dome using this method (like Kwadyote mentions above) but at least I should get the siren still working.

Problem is, with my LAN cable connected to the modem, All work perfectly well, I even get push notifications on all mobile devices. When I unplug the LAN cable connecting the router to the modem, nothing happens when the sensors are tripped. When I finally plug the cable back in, then i get the push notifications on mobile devices about all triggered events.

I would assume since the ecolink door sensor AND dome siren are both running local and the device handlers are also local, shouldn’t the door sensor trip the siren? Am I eating crazy pills?

(Jimmy) #221

You need to test this with smart home Monitor setup. You can’t go by your app notifications since the app only Connects to the cloud.

(Kevin) #222

All custom device handlers execute in the cloud.

I’m not sure if the dome siren works with the generic zwave siren handler, but if should work if you configure it with the custom handler and then switch to the generic zwave switch handler.

The Dome Door Sensor has a custom handler, but it really doesn’t need one because it’s fully functional with the generic zwave contact sensor handler.

Smart Home Monitor and Smart Lighting are the only apps that are capable of executing locally.

(A) #223

maybe I wasn’t clear about this. I am using the Smart Home Monitor to arm and disarm the system and in this scenario, I’m not using any custom handlers. Here’s my testing:

  1. I arm the system,
  2. Unplug the LAN cable
  3. Open the ecolink door sensor (Local) expecting it to make the dome siren (set up using the default z-wave siren, not the custom device handler) make noise. This does not work. I"m using no cloud device handlers in this scenario.

and to Krlaframboise, The Dome Siren apparently can work as a standard Z-wave siren. When I first plugged it in, that’s what it assigned itself as. I can trigger it with my phone and sensors (if the LAN is connected). I had to follow advice from prjct92eh2 above to get it to work with your custom handler. All I had was one alarm and no chimes or bells when I first installed it.

(Jimmy) #224

Go to your smartapp list in the IDE and validate that your Smart Home Monitor setup is running locally.

(A) #225

In the IDE, I show no Smart Apps at all under “my Smart Apps”. The only place I see “Home” is on the phone app itself.

But if I were to create a smart app in the IDE, wouldn’t that make it be in the cloud? Should I have used the “Smart Security” template in the IDE instead?

UPDATE NVM, I have to click “My Locations” then the “smartapps” link there to find it. In this plink, it says the SmartHome is in the cloud. How do I make it run locally?