[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)


(tdo) #205

Having some problems adding the Dome Siren with all the chimes/sirens. I get just the on/off.
I’ve gone through the youtube video and added the Device Handler before adding the Siren. Have gone through and deleted the device and added it again according to the manual.

When I go to the Device itself, under Type, it’s currently set to Z-Wave Siren. I don’t see a Dome Siren as a Type to select from the long list.
I’ve verified the Device Handler is set.

Raw Description is: zw:F type:1005 mfr:021F prod:0003 model:0088 ver:2.94 zwv:4.38 lib:06 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,70,85,59,25,71,87,80 role:07 ff:8F00 ui:8F00

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Kevin) #206

If you installed and published the custom driver it will be located at the bottom of the list.

(Tim Westhoven) #207

I’d like to have my DMS01 Dome Siren chime when my back yard gate is open (after a delay I specify), and have it continuously chime until the gate is closed… I tried using a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor and it will turn on the alarm for a time period (I set it to 60 minutes), but I can’t figure out how to turn it off when the gate closes. I tried writing a rule to turn the alarm on for “0” minutes when the gate closed but that did not work… seems like this is something many folks would want (an alarm while something is open, but then turns off when its closed) but I can’t seem to find a solution… I’m sure I’m missing something obvious… appreciate any help.
Running Smart Things Classic app and official Dome Siren DH.

(Kevin) #208

Use Smart Lighting. Select the device as a switch and turn it off when the contact sensor closes.

(tdo) #209

Thank you sir.
It was published but just was at the very very bottom.
I thought it was in alphabetical order and thought it wasn’t there.
Thanks again!