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[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)

The Zooz handler has the ability to play the 10 sounds using the switch level capability.

The Dome handler is using custom commands so although I could make a change that would allow you to open the device in the new mobile app, all you’d see is either the siren commands or on/off so you’re better off just using the Zooz handler.

Until SmartThings releases information about the Hub Connected devices section of their new platform developers have no control over the device handler’s UI in the new app.

Update: I think I misread your post… In the new app, I believe the Zooz handler uses the on/off commands to control the siren and the switch level value to play the chimes.

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Help please! I have no idea what I did? I followed step by step and can’t get the chimes to show up. It is showing up as the dome siren. When in the app there are no sound options just the basic switch pretty much. Any clue what I did wrong? I tried to go ahead with customizing and nope it won’t let me add audio notification. So sad :frowning: I really needed this as a door chime. I did delete the file in the device handler and try to install the file again and it wont let me but now i am getting a error message saying .

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script_dth_metadata_24dbf488_145c_462f_88d7_cabcf9e7ac92: 1: unexpected token: 2.3 @ line 1, column 15. Dome Siren v1.2.3 ^ 1 error

Delete all the code and paste it in again to get rid of that error your seeing.

Only the Classic SmartThings mobile app supports custom UIs so if you’re using the new mobile app that’s why you’re not seeing the buttons. If you’re using the SmartThings Classic App and still not seeing them then the device is set to the wrong handler so open the device in the IDE and change its Type field to this handler.

I am using the classic app. I change the handler name and put the file back in the device handler but still not coming up in the app with all the function it is showing dome siren in the app. Error code is gone.

I got it to work thanks for your help

Testing out the “Alarm Delay” feature, set it to 30 second delay with “Alarm Delay Beep” also ON. This isn’t working, the alarm never sounds. I test by opening a door and I hear the alarm delay beep start and beeps off and on for about 20 seconds and then stops. No alarm ever sounds. I changed the Alarm Delay value to 15 seconds and same issue. If I shut off the Alarm Delay feature the alarm will sound immediately when a Open/Close sensor is triggered…

Please help, is this feature broken?

I also want to say thanks for all the previous folks in here helping us out. I was also stuck on not getting the chimes to show up. Changing the Device Type = Dome Siren did it for me in the IDE.

If you’re using SHM to trigger it, there’s a setting for automatically turning it off. What do you have that set to?

If you trigger it using the alarm tile does it work as expected or are you having the same problem?

Hello, I have everything setup and it works fine, but I have one door I want to beep once and another I want to beep twice when a sensor opens. On the app if I hit chime or bell 1 it always does just one beep or chime. The problem I’m having is occasionally the beep once will beep 2 times and sometimes the chime will chime more than once. Nothing is set to repeat or anything. It just sometimes does. So it’s hard to know what door actually opened. Is anyone else having this issue?

It’s a known problem with the device. Some users have better luck using Speaker Companion to play the sound instead of SHM.

I am on both of mine, but I worked around this problem by telling my SHM rule to do this only once within 1 minute: (this seems to be working so far)

Thanks Kevin, that makes me feel better. Thought I was doing something wrong.

Thanks John, I will try this. Does this mean if the door opened more than once in a minute it wouldn’t make noise after the first time?

Yup, that’s correct.

It’s most likely a coincidence. The logging information shows that ST is only executing the command once…

I’ve watched it with a z-wave sniffer and the device doesn’t immediately acknowledge the first z-wave command so the hub sends it multiple times and there seems to be a timing issue where the either the hub sends an additional command after it’s been acknowledged and/or the device executes multiple commands even though it only acknowledged one.

I’ve seen the same behavior with other beaming devices and with different platforms.

After the initial command is finally acknowledged the device immediately acknowledges the following commands so I might be able to solve the problem by requesting a report before playing the sound, but that would cause an extra delay.

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Yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Thanks for the reply Kevin. I haven’t taken the time (or have the tools like you) to further investigate.

My workaround was a direct result of my wife telling me to fix it or throw it away… :wink:

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I have the Dome Siren setup but when I use Speaker Companion or Button Controller, I can’t seem to select all the chimes I need to enable the chime I want to hear.

I’m using a button as a door bell since I have a Nest high end camera with audio at my front door.

How can I set up a quick 5-10 second beep for a door bell when the button is pushed?

Currently it goes off for 30 seconds and won’t allow me the full range of Beeps and Bells. TIA

In Speaker Companion select the device as an audio device, choose “Custom Message”, and then enter the sound number. (1 - 10)

This device only comes with 10 and I think I couple of the chimes are 5-10 seconds or you could use the repeat setting to make the beep play multiple times.

I just received my Dome siren and set it up using device handler v1.2.3.

I set a 15 second delay for the alarm with “Alarm Delay Beep” ON. Then using SHM to trigger the alarm, I open a door and hear the alarm delay beep a few times but then it stops. The Dome Siren device status then remains stuck on “Alarm Pending” for nearly 3 minutes minutes before the alarm finally sounds. If I turn off the Alarm Delay feature the alarm will sound immediately when a Open/Close sensor is triggered.

What could be causing this much longer than configured pause?

That’s a simulated feature that uses SmartThings scheduling so the how long it actually takes to turn on will very, but not by that much.

If you turn the beep option off does the delay work as expected?

Yes if I turn off the delay the alarm sounds immediately, as expected. It’s just when the delay is engaged it pauses forever instead of for 15 seconds, and the warning beeps stop after about 5 seconds.