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[RELEASE] Dome Siren (Official)

Deleted and re-added both the device and handler 4 different times now…this is what keeps coming up for me. I honestly don’t think I’m doing something wrong, but…am I?

Grr…I knew I’d find it AFTER posting…just a few posts up is a screenshot of the Device Settings…my device type defaulted to Z-Wave siren. Changed to Dome Siren and all good now.


Was that my post? :wink:

Thanks for doing this, I just got one of these and it really helped. The PDF instructions need updating as the sound automation handler as changed name, UI and how it works. I was still able to figure it out for my needs.

One concern I have is that this custom device handler results in the siren/chime being handled by the cloud vs. run locally. I’m noticing a delay in my doorbell chime triggering but also this leads to concerns about reliability for something as critical as an alarm. Is there any way/hope for this to be ever run locally for faster response and more dependability?

I recently realized my Dome Siren had disappeared from both my SmartThings app and the developer dashboard, a third time, I believe it is not a coincidence. I do experience device dropout but never had device disappear? After they drop other devices still show last known state.

Please contact SmartThings phone support and they will fix you right up. I use Dome products in my house for a while now and they are stable.

Does the TTS speak function work? I am using v1.2.2 DTH and trying to get the unit to speak out when a door opens/closes. Tested with Webcore and SHM Custom monitor and everytime it is suppose to speak a phrase it does a bell chime.

The device is a siren that can only play its 10 built-in sounds.

The only reason the DTH supports the TTS related capabilities is so you have a way to play those 10 sounds using the built-in SmartApps.

How can I add different chimes to open door, leak sensor, etc?
I did it with stringify but I can’t really chose which sound I want. Is there any smartapp that I can personalize?

I think you can do this in the Smart Home Monitor.
Under Configure (gear icon at top right corner), you can create multiple custom configurations that play different sounds.
For a given configuration, choose Audio Notifications
Select Audio Player = Dome Siren
Then experiment with the different Notification settings. They will trigger the different sounds that are available.


Thank you!
It worked like a charm :slight_smile:

I can confirm if dome siren drop because of dead battery or connection issue, there will be an error if you try to visit the device screen after device health mark it as unavailable.

Further more, after the error occur, the device will silently disappear from both developer dashboard and the smart things app.

@krlaframboise I was bale to add the device handler and it come up as the dome Siren. however it does not come up with all the different sound options. any ideas on why. I am new to the SmartThings world so i could totally be missing something and i’m not a coder by any means.

Sounds like it has the wrong handler assigned to it. Check the device type assigned to that device in the ide.

Like I said i’m new to this all where do I do that? i saw that on another post but can not figure out where to change that.

Login to (where you installed the device handler), choose the devices tab, and click on the device name

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Make sure you’re using the classic SmartThings app.

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I had this all set up correctly but then made the mistake of disconnecting the siren. Now that I try to get it set back up I can’t get all of the extra sound and chime options. Any idea how to reset the device and device handler so I can start from scratch or what is the best way to go about this?

You just need to login to the ide and change the device type assigned to the device.

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Thanks for the reply. Can you be more specific ? Change from what to what?