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[RELEASE] Dome Mouser (Official)

(Hemant Gupta) #81

Why does mine keep tripping? I bought 4 and they all trip regularly without any mice being caught.

(Kevin) #82

There’s a 2 second delay so try using bait that the mouse can’t quickly grab and run off with.

(David Mellow) #83

Wondering if anyone can help me. I have the smartthings adt hub that I’m trying to us a dome mouser with. I can’t seem to figure out how to get notifications.

(Jimmy) #84

You need to install the custom handler first. Then you can use Smsrt Home Monitor custom in the classic app for an alert.

(David Mellow) #85

dont know how to do that.

(Jimmy) #86
(David Mellow) #87

tried that. I guess Im doing something wrong.

(Kevin) #88

After installing and publishing the code, did you edit the device in the IDE and change the Type field to Dome Mouser?

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(David Mellow) #89

yes, I did. Its odd. When I first paired the mouser, two devices came up. A motion and a contact sensor. I removed both and tried again. Still can’t get it to work.

(Kevin) #90

I’ve never seen that happen before with any device…

Are you using the classic mobile app?

(David Mellow) #91

yes I have

(Kevin) #92

You could try removing all instances of the device, rebooting your hub, factory resetting the device (instructions should be manual), and then try joining it again.

(Jimmy) #93

Try re-publishing the device handler too.

(David Mellow) #94

I think my mistake is with the publishing. I am NOT very literate with this stuff.