[RELEASE] Dome Mouser (Official)

Increasing the wake up and battery reporting intervals might help a little bit.

Does anyone know if or when this will be released on European frequencies


This is a question for Dome…

@mictha1 @mattcwiokowski

@jarm69 We’ll be in Europe with the Mouser by the end of the year!

Cheers I’ll keep an eye out for it

What does the wakeup interval mean? If it’s set to 12H will it notify me of a fried critter only next time that it wakes up?

It automatically notifies you as soon as it finishes frying the mouse.

The wake up interval determines how often it checks in with the hub. It’s primarily used as a way to make sure the device is still online and apply any configuration changes that were made since the last time it woke up.

If you’re not monitoring your devices with a SmartApp like Simple Device Viewer or Device Monitor you might as well leave it on one of the higher settings to extend the battery life.

Thanks for the quick reply. Based on this info I changed the battery check interval and the wakeup interval to 24H.

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Has this been submitted to SmartThings for official “Works With SmartThings” certification and publication?

We’d like to incorporate it into ActionTiles, but without an automatically installed DTH, we don’t get many customer requests, frankly.

(I love the unit and the DTH by the way… thanks!).

Do you think Samsung would certify and support a product related to a death sentence to an animal?

I’m still laughing about this:

“The Dome Mouser8 is a Z-Wave Mouse Trap that’s designed to humanely eliminate rodents with an electric jolt and send a notification.”

Maybe more humane than hanging :smile:

I’m thinking they would purchase or acquire AT from you before that were to happen.


Well… So far all. I’ve managed to zap is a paperclip :paperclip:, and unfortunately, though the trap is definitely “triggered” (the LED turns on), no message is sent to SmartThings. I get messages for on/off/battery, so I know Z-Wave is working.

Any suggestions? I guess I can contact Dome @mictha1 … Though I’m sure they’ll admonish me for sliding a paperclip into it! :speak_no_evil:

As for the chance of ActionTiles acquisition; with the lack of luck I have ridding my home of mice and rat(s), I won’t hold my breath waiting for that rather more significant accomplishment :grin:!

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Time to put the house up for sale.

Wonder if they could add a heartbeat sensor inside the trap and add that to the DTH so it displays on the device

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SmartThings no longer reviews code submitted for publication. I know of multiple manufacturers that have been trying for over a year and SmartThings has been completely unresponsive to their requests.

The device will report motion active about 2 minutes after its tripped because it doesn’t send the notification until its finished frying the mouse.

It has a 2 second delay so you can safely use your hand to trip it. If it doesn’t make the buzzing sound a couple of seconds after tripping it wait a while because I made the mistake of trying again and ended up zapping myself.

The concept of the device is neat and it usually works OK, but I’ve seen it completely overcook a mouse. All the hair on its arms and stomach was singed off and it was completely stuck to the trap. Cleaning up that mess was way worse than dealing with a normal mouse trap.


They claim that it renders the mouse unconscious within a few seconds and it dies from a heart attack after about 20 seconds, but it stays on for a while just in case.

How long does it fry for? The rodent continues to short the contacts, right… So it must have a shutoff timer?

The paperclip definitely sets it off, but I did want to short it out too long, so shut it off after about 20 seconds.

I could test with a hot dog too…

I thought it was a pressure plate, but I could be wrong. Either way, there’s no need to test it with actual objects because there’s a 2 second delay.

If you tap the bottom of the trap with your finger or something like a pencil it will start buzzing a few seconds later and stop after about 2 minutes.

In my experience, it triggers when there is an electrical short between the metal plate near the entry and in the middle (there is an insulated area between them that the :rat: or :paperclip: can bridge). There are no moving parts like a pressure plate as far as I can determine.

But your test method seems to indicate otherwise. Odd.

Oh well… Testing again now.

I wonder how to keep my Beagles’ noses and tongues out of it!

Yup… That worked now!

Great, thanks!

non-lethal experience is the best teacher