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[RELEASE] Dome Motion Sensor (Official)


(Kevin) #42

Open live logging, press the refresh tile twice, and then wake the device up by pushing it’s action button for about 1 second.


I did the following and still not seeing any refresh on the light sensor. See live logs below.

(Kevin) #44

Change the motion sensitivity setting to most sensitive, then save and wake up the device.

(Randy Rands) #45

Hi, and thank you for the reply! I appreciate your support very much!

So first off, here is my goal: I want to use the light sensor in this device to help figure out if another light is on (that can be turned on/off via SmartThings, but does not have it’s state tracked or pollable, due to also having a remote control that can turn it on/off.) I thought that with a light sensor, when the device detected motion (at a minimum), it would update all of the sensors to the hub, but apparently that is not how it works. Given that I want a more “real time” view of the light conditions in the room, would you have any suggestions for alternatives for me? I would like it as near real-time as possible for this particular situation. Ideally, I would like to have it set so that if there was no motion for 20 mins & the LUX is > X (some number I have yet to determine), then it will turn the light off. If I can’t check for LUX (or if it does not accurately portray the current LUX due to delays in reporting), I have no way of knowing if the light is actually on or not, and the “power” command will simply cycle it, turning it on if it was actually off…

In any case, for this, here is what I have found, and tried, based on your initial reply:

  1. Yes - light reporting settings are enabled, max sensitivity, reporting in every 3 minutes
  2. Thank you for the reset tip - I had not woken it up like that before - that did have it start to apply the settings from the app. However, even though I have it set to report light settings every 3 minutes (and lowered that to 1 for a bit), it seems to be sporadic. Sometimes I will get 2 light reportings in the same minute, other times it will go >3 minutes, even hours between reporting. Is it only reporting when the lux changes by some delta? (and if so, is a setting of 1 (most sensitive) roughly equivalent to 1 lux change?)

Thank you again - I appreciate it very much!


(Randy Rands) #46

Quick update - some testing shows that it only does report in when there is a delta in the LUX (i.e. if the lux stays the same, it does not update), and it does seem to be honoring the time interval now if I do change the light level by turning the light on or off.

Still wondering if there is a different/better way to do this, so any ideas are very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


(Roger Gibbs) #47

12/3/2018: The problem I reported below may have been resolved by the Dome HA Tech Support Team. Their suggestion was “Take a small flashlight and put it right up to the light and see if the lux wakes up…”. I did this and it works. It is now reporting what appears to be reasonable lux readings.

12/2/2018: I seem to have the same issues with lux reporting as others. I have the Dome Motion sensor paired to the Samsung Connect Home wifi Smartthings Hub; I’m using the Classic App (I also can see it in the New App; I’m controlling a GE zwave plus toggle switch. I initially paired it before knowing about the custom device handler. Once I added and changed to the device handler I got the interface and could update my settings. When I first paired it I was getting a lux reading of 5 but after the new DTH I only see 0 Lux. I’ve tried pressing the connect button in the sensor and refreshing the status in the interface. I’m not sure where the live logs are. I do get motion updates on the Recently tab in the interface but have never gotten lux readings there.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks that worked for two out of the three. I ended up replacing the one that was not working and now I have all three setup. Thanks.

(Kevin) #49

It doesn’t display duplicate events so if after 3 minutes the lux level is the same you won’t see an event in the logs which is most likely the reason why they’re sometimes taking longer than 3 minutes.

The 3 minute reporting isn’t a restriction so if the light change exceeds the threshold setting multiple times within a 3 minute period it will report multiple events.

(Roger Gibbs) #50

After a few attempts at using Lux level to limit when the motion sensort triggers the lights, I saw the notice in the Smarttapp interface saying “Beta feature currently not supported for local execution”. I’m not sure what that means but I now assume it means you can set it but it won’t get used. Is anybody working on integrating this capability so the lights don’t come on when there is already adequate light?