[RELEASE] Dome Motion Sensor (Official)

The SmartThings platform doesn’t support local execution of custom DTHs.

If you’re looking for local execution, research Hubitat.

This thing is possibly the best PIR motion detector I’ve owned and I’ve had many. Super quick response times which makes it ideal for my lighting automation and I love all the options with this handler. Thanks for the effort!

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what does blinking red mean on the sensor? My sensor keeps blinking red and there is no motion.

Looks like my device is just disppaering from smartthings! I excluded it and added back in and it happened again. Anyone have these sensors just disappear like that? I was working fine before the recent smarthings hub upgrade.

In case anyone else needs it, this is what the blinking led lights mean.


Also for the folks that are complaining about local execution. Looks like the generic zwave driver for motion sensor works with this device and has local execution. It only show the motion though and now the lux.

I’ve installed everything per the directions, and am not new to this, but I can’t figure out what is wrong.
All I’m getting is motion. I can see the battery level and lux, but the lux always shows 0.
I do not get any settings other than to change the name of the device.
Did something change?

I’m on

  • Dome Motion Sensor v1.2
  • (Model: DMMS1)

Check the light reporting settings and make sure you wake the device up after saving your changes.

That’s another part of my problem. I have no settings to check. I can only rename it.

Is there any sort of info I can provide? If so, where do I find it?

If you installed the DTH after the device then you need to open the device from the IDE and change the “Type” field to Dome Motion Sensor.

You also have to be using the classic Mobile App.

Perfect! That was the issue. Same with my Dome siren and window sensors.
Much appreciated!

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Hi Kevin, Thank you for this DTH. This may be a obvious question to some but, I was wondering what the purpose and benefit was for the Light Sensor. In other words, why do i care to sense light?

A room that usually doesn’t need a light on during the day might need one if it’s cloudy so light level below a certain threshold could be used as a condition in an automation that turns the light on.

Kevin, really appreciate the DH!

Just got my first Neo installed. Having issue though in that the app (new and old one) are not showing both the lux or the battery level (“Light is 0 lx” and battery area is just “–”). Motion detection appears to be working perfectly though. Is there something I need to do?
Installed v1.2.1

The Dome and Neo Motion Sensors are not the same and can’t be used with this handler…

Hey @krlaframboise,

I’ve updated the Handler and even re-added devices to get them to work in the new app and still nothing. I have only been able to get it working when the Z-Wave Motion/Light Sensor Type. Any insight to troubleshooting this?

I am having the same issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Deleted the DTH and readded the DTH. I am getting the same screen as Haff713

You need to open the device in the IDE and change the type field to the correct handler.

That worked perfect. Thanks

@krlaframboise - I have the DTH installed (Dome 1.2.1), and it is doing motion ok, but the lx is always 0, and the refresh button is grayed out - I have tried removing/ readding - I do always have to re-point the dth in the smartthings web console to the dome dth, but I do get all the options in the classic app after that. Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

Verify that the light reporting settings are enabled. After changing the settings make sure you open the device and hold the action button for about 1 second which wakes the device up.

The refresh button is always gray, but if you press it and then wake the device up it should request a light report.

Open live logging before doing those things because the log messages might provide a better picture of what’s going on.

I just added 3 dome sensors with the latest device handler (1.2.1). I am seeing the motion detection working for all 3 devices but the light sensor does not update. I turn on the light of the room that the sensors are in and wait 20 minutes and the light sensors of all 3 devices remain unchanged. I have the setting of Light Reporting Interval as 3 minutes.

How can I confirm that the light reporting settings are enabled as mentioned in the previous post? Anything else i can do to debug this?