[RELEASE] DIY Light Sensor with mains and battery power (ESP8266, NodeMCU, D1 Mini)

It’s a small DIY project from ADF Devices . It takes one evening to complete.

Instructions: https://adfdevices.com/instructions/light-sensor

At the end you will have sensor connected to WiFi network with measurements visible on ADF Devices website and in SmartThings app.:battery: :electric_plug: :sun_with_face:

To add light sensor to SmartThings:

  • Follow instructions to build and connect device (or add example light sensor to try it)
  • In SmartThings app select ‘+’ to add device, sort by brand and select ADF Devices.

Thank You. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


This looks a good project.
It’s nice to see it listed on the new app.
Are the devices created as child devices ?
As I’m already using a NodeMcu connected to SmartThings through ST_Anything which is great but I can’t use the devices within automations as they are child devices.
And is it only the devices listed on your site I can use ?
I have 4 devices at the moment connected to my NodeMcu from a Honeywell Alarm panel into SmartThings
Would I still be able to use them with your service ?

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Would this work with other sensors too, like motion sensor ?

Hi @Steveuk23,

Light sensor can be used in automations.

Yes. We are planning to support more devices.

Depending on device (if they are supported), currently each sensor has it’s own firmware file (they need separate NodeMCUs).


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Hi @tontze,

We have motion sensor that will work with that part, instructions are available at https://adfdevices.com/instructions/motion-sensor

Currently each sensor has it’s own firmware file (they need separate NodeMCUs).


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Awesome ! Gotta check it

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Oooh, this is monthly pay integration :confused:

Hi @tontze, there is 14 days free trial to try it, if you need more time please let me know. It takes some time for parts to arrive etc.
Internally we call it “powered by coffee”, with monthly subscription equal to cup of coffee. :coffee:
It helps to keep development going. :computer:

Im not used to pay using my diy devices :slight_smile: Some ppl might tho :slight_smile: With 2 cups of coffee i get sonoff sensor :slight_smile: