[RELEASE] Device Monitor - Get Notified if Devices Stop Reporting

Thanks for your prompt reply Eric
Curiously since I posted and after re-enabling the sensor I got another devices delayed notification - so it is still reporting. - I didn’t change any of the settings, just re-enabled the sensor.
I can re-enable the delayed time if that will make the offline status report, but what would I change to stop the Devices Delayed Notifications?
What do the numbers mean incidentally? This one says 0.62, same sensor before was 3.18 and the other one was 1.16

p.s. I went ahead and changed the inactivity timeout to 1 hr and just received a notice that both devices are online. I’ll just have to wait for another offline event to see if it reports.

Unfortunately, It is not detecting the offline status
I am getting periodic updates that are “devices Delayed” or Device Online (for the one that IS online - the other one went offline and it did not capture that event)

I don’t get alerts that specifically say offline I only get delayed alerts and online alerts. However the delayed alerts is good enough for me, as I know if the device hasn’t given any kind of input with a set period of time and I get a delayed notification, I know something is wrong. I don’t see why you can’t suffice with delayed notifications and why you require offline notifications too.

Because a delayed notification does not necessarily mean it is offline and they are so frequent that it is just annoying - you can see in my screenshot the delayed notices are every hour and then it eventually posts one that says its online - so posting ‘delayed’ is not giving any useful information at all.
I’m sure this works well for some devices, just not for these.

With a proper inactivity timeout it should work for you. No? How often do those devices report activity? If you know they report something back at least once every 2 hours, set the inactivity timeout to 3 hours and if 3 hours pass and there is no event from those devices you’ll get a delayed notification. Which should be pretty reliable in the sense of saying the device is offline since it normally responds at least once within a 2 hour time window and it hasn’t replied in 3 hours.