[RELEASE] Device Monitor - Get Notified if Devices Stop Reporting

Same for me. I’ve had to turn off “Device Delayed” and “Device Not Reporting” notifications in the Device Monitor settings or else I’m being inundated with notifications. I now am relying exclusively on using ONLINE/OFFLINE status. I believe this issue has come up due to the change to the latest firmware release and how ST is now determining “Device Delayed” and “Device Not Reporting” states.

Maybe this?

Device offline monitoring service transition
Upon the launch of hub firmware 0.32.x (target fall 2020), the current cloud-based system for monitoring the status of Hub-connected devices will be replaced with a new service that runs locally on SmartThings hubs.

In my case, both the Device Monitor and the IDE are now reporting 'Devices Reporting (hours old) for the majority of my devices as many hours old. I’ve checked and most (not all) Z-Wave devices are not properly reporting (i.e., many hours old) but even some Zigbee devices are also not reporting correctly. It appears to me to be a brand-specific issue. For instance, all of my Jasco/GE Z-Wave devices and (Zigbee) Cree Bulbs are incorrectly reporting. This is not an inclusive analysis, but it’s a start.

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@erocm1231 Thank you very much for this smart app.

I’m trying it with a TP-link Kasa mini switch. I was able to get it to poll successfully and send me one notification that the device was online. However, I pulled the device from the wall (so it’s offline in Smartthings) and I haven’t received a notification that it’s offline or delayed (or anything else).

I’ve tried toggling a number of settings:

  • inactivity timeout 1 hour
  • check at this interval: 1 hour–I’ve tried different intervals
  • send a push notification: yes
  • disable device delayed and not reporting notifications: no and also yes; doesn’t seem to do anything
  • notification if device comes back online: no and yes; no difference
  • use online/offline status if available: no and yes

I still don’t seem to get any notifications when the device is listed as offline in smart things.

Is it something with the settings that I’ve misconfigured?

there is a statement from Nuukem above that indicates a new local version of device status monitor was forth coming. The comment was posted Aug2020.

Are there any updates to this really situation after 6 months?

I recently installed this smartapp and I can’t get the offline notifications to work. However the back online notifications are working correctly. Does this smartapp still work? Does anyone currently use a smartapp similar that is working? Assuming this one maybe needs to be updated to restore full functionality.

@erocm1231 any comment? Thanks

I’m in the same boat as you are. Online reports with a notification. Offline, does not.

I don’t really maintain the app anymore. If you can post the logs of when the alert should be sent out then I might be able to figure it out.

I think I know what you’re requesting. When I get in front of a computer I’ll log into the IDE and see if I can find any kind of logs. Anything specific you need?

Just the logs for the Smart App. If you load up the logs in the IDE and disconnect the device, leave the screen up for the amount of time needed that a notification should be sent and see if there are any error messages.

This is what it looks like. At 6:04:52 it looks like it wants to send the notification for the device down, but it’s not happening. Then when I plug the device back in and it’s back online it registers at 6:24:52 and sends out the push notification and text message.

Can you post screenshots of all of your app settings? I just set up a new instance with a device and was able to get a notification when the device went offline.

I hope I’m not causing this problem by having something setup wrong. The only difference I see, is I’m sending a txt and push notification. Yours worked with just the push notification. Maybe with me doing both, it’s breaking something? Unless you see something wrong in my screenshots.

I tried omitting the SMS notification and just using the push notification and I’m still not getting an offline notification. Only getting the back online notification. I’m not sure why it works for you and doesn’t for me.

@erocm1231 I added a 2nd device and tested to see if I’d get a notification for device offline and I didn’t. So IDK why device offline alerts are working for you and not me.

I haven’t tested this, but from your screenshots it shows you are requesting only online / offline reports, but in the bottom section you don’t have online / offline reports selected. It is the very bottom option.

Under “other options”? I thought that pertained to the “hub” status only. I’ll turn it on and try it now.

@erocm1231 … Unfortunately I turned it on but it didn’t make a difference.

Ok, I think I found the problem and posted an update to github.


@erocm1231 Success! I now get a device delayed notification. Thanks for fixing it!