[RELEASE] Device Monitor - Get Notified if Devices Stop Reporting

Then most likely it is a platform timing out issue. Are you on wifi or cellular?

on cellular, i guess i can try when i get home. thanks!

I did a little digging. No source for the “Battery” app, but it’s listed in the IDE as installed on everyone’s hub. It alerts you whenever any device with a battery gets a low battery condition.

It seems only SmartThings can write code that can access all of a user’s devices, community code isn’t allowed to do that. It makes sense from a security standpoint.

Thanks again for your contribution!

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@erocm1231 - two changes you made that I’m curious we can easily resolve.

  1. When devices come back online we don’t notify that, that occur
  2. (more important) When a 2nd (or more device) goes does the notification only says the new device not ALL currently down devices.

@justintime where do you see this battery app? Where in the ide?


There’s the BatteryMonitor SmartApp listed here: Battery issues
(in an ideal world, I’ve to see that one merged with this one, so I have one display of the status of all devices)


This looks like it should have the potential to be used to notify if mains power fails … e.g. by monitoring a ST outlet.

Great work!

Thank you for the app…

There might be a typo… runEvery3Hour() should be runEvery3Hours()

from the logs:

12:27:51 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script14577167694831716278425.runEvery3Hour() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [eventCheck]
Possible solutions: runEvery1Hour(java.lang.Object), runEvery3Hours(java.lang.Object), runEvery1Hour(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object), runEvery3Hours(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) @ line 432

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Thanks, app has been updated.

Thanks, that solved my error issue with the app too… lol

outstanding, I’m going to install this :slight_smile: is it possible to change your repo fork name to something other than SmartThingsPublic? I have 4 of these now - to find the correct repo I need to go to settings, find it, see which position it is in, cancel out, and then select that one.

understand this might break the link to folks who have already pulled from you - not sure.

I just renamed my repo in gitHub -
go to github

  • pull down the icon in the top right -> select Your Profile
  • select the repositories tab
  • select your fork
  • click settings
  • change name
  • click rename
    go to smart things IDE
    smart apps
  • select settings
  • update the name of your repo

@pascal If I change the repo fork name, will it break every link posted that links back to my device handlers & smartapps (as well as those who have linked to my repo through the ide)? I have the same problem as you so I understand. I have a list of the repo names on my computer that I reference. It isn’t elegant, but I think the really, really, simple solution is for SmartThings to list the authors name next to the repo name in the drop down list. So, erocm123: SmartThingsPublic (master). I know others would like that as well:

@craig 1) I could probably implement this pretty easily. I’ll look into it. 2) I have actually designed it to work that way. I didn’t like getting notifications with a bunch of devices listed that I already new about. I figured I could always open up the app and hit refresh if I needed to go back and remember what wasn’t reporting. Maybe I’ll add full notifications as an option down the road.

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The thread you referenced adding authors is a better solution as it would help globally.

It shouldn’t break anything if you rename it.

Check out my two posts here:

FAQ: Github Integration How to Add and Update from Repositories

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Nice App, I actually started working on something similar last night. I agree with GitHub integration, I have 4 projects that use SmartThingsPublic, so updating is like a guessing game.

@erocm1231 Do you have advice for the setting of how long a device should be considered inactive? I’m not familiar enough with all the devices to make this determination. Many of my devices don’t do much for many hours.

Well, personally I have a couple instances of the app installed. One of them I set up for 12 hours. In that one’s config I added devices that communicate frequently and are pretty important. For example, I have smart vents that adjust throughout the day based on the temperature in each room. If a temperature isn’t being reported, it could cause problems.

The other instance is just set for 48 hours and it has devices that report less frequently and aren’t as critical.


I constantly get random devices reporting that it’s not reporting events even when they’re fine. Anyone else?


@krlaframboise I don’t mind you pointing people in this thread to other Apps, but that doesn’t answer his question. If there is a bug in this app, I would like to know about it.

As for me, I do not have this problem. The app only has the ability to look at the events a device creates. So, if the device is not sending events, or it’s events are not getting recorded by the SmartThings system (SmartThings no longer takes record of repeat events by the majority of devices), then it will think the device is offline. So, you could have a device that is working perfectly fine that the app believes isn’t.

Anyway, for the devices you are having issues with, can you look in the events list for the device and see if anything is showing there?