[RELEASE] Daikin WiFi Split System v1.4.1

I’m glad it works for you. It certainly doesn’t work for us all.

Hi @bendews the error that I get is as below. Are you please able to help?

error java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “-” @line 525 (parse)
debug GET-ing 27.0
debug Parsing Response: [err:0, htemp:27, otemp:-, ret:OK]

Hi All. @bendews @WGentine @RBoy

I am based out of NYC. So Fahrenheit.

I have successfully gotten this to work with all the intended functionality on the Classic ST app.

I was originally on the latest ST app but I could not get it to work properly. The problem seemed to be that setting the app to Fahrenheit would not take. The temp reading would show the correct temp digit but it would still be labeled as Celsius. Also, when adjusting the set-point, the range was 0-40.

I also have the MYSA thermostat controlling some baseboard electric heaters that are still in the house. These work great in the new ST App through some sort of cloud integration. It shows up in the IDE as a “placeholder.” However, if I switch back to the Classic App to get the Daikin in ST, I then loose control of my MYSA thermostats.

From reading forums on MYSA, it appears they have no intention of integrating with the Classic App.

Is there a simulator for the new ST app? Does anyone know how to get this to work in Fahrenheit on the new ST App?


Hi all, I have recently got a couple of split systems installed and they use the brp072c42 wifi module. Had anyone had any experience with getting this working, I don’t seem to be having much luck after following the instructions in this thread.

@bendews I have recently installed the handler and created a device. However when you change the heating and cooling set temperature settings on the ST apps. It doesn’t change the values or do anything. What am i missing?

a0cf3f85-eceb-433e-8425-a34855eea443 2:23:06 PM: debug SET-ing null
a0cf3f85-eceb-433e-8425-a34855eea443 2:23:06 PM: debug 3
a0cf3f85-eceb-433e-8425-a34855eea443 2:23:06 PM: debug Executing ‘updateEvents’ with null, 12.0 and true
a0cf3f85-eceb-433e-8425-a34855eea443 2:23:06 PM: debug Executing ‘setHeatingSetpoint’ with 12.0

Hi folks

I am not new to smartthings but I am new to this device handler. I followed the instructions but when i look at the thermostat device in the phone app it has “items” displayed but they are all grayed out. I can select Heat, Cool or Auto and those light up but in the Daikin app and at the thermostat it has not changed.

I am hoping that I missed something simple or stupid on my part.

Date Source Type Name Value User Displayed Text
2020-02-02 8:10:07.868 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE thermostatMode auto Thermostat thermostat mode is auto
2020-02-02 8:04:02.423 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE thermostatMode heat Thermostat thermostat mode is heat
2020-02-02 8:00:47.383 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE thermostatMode auto Thermostat thermostat mode is auto
2020-02-02 8:00:45.400 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE targetTemp 18 Thermostat target temp is 18
Thermostat target temp is 18
2020-02-02 8:00:45.367 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE thermostatMode heat Thermostat thermostat mode is heat
2020-02-02 8:00:40.596 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE targetTemp 28 Thermostat target temp is 28
2020-02-02 8:00:40.562 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE thermostatMode cool Thermostat thermostat mode is cool
2020-02-02 8:00:34.733 AM EST 6 hours ago
DEVICE hubactionMode local Thermostat hubaction mode is local
Help please

Bumpty Bump

Can anyone out there help me with this please

Just curious, which model of the Daikin WiFi Controller are you using?

One Plus D9000

There’s the issue. This is for the BRP072A42 or similar models. The ones that plug into the control board of the head.

From what I’ve seen, the onplus+ models use a completely different api, so these controls wouldn’t work. As far as I know, there’s no direct integration with those models, but you may be able to do something with virtual switches and an alexa / google home routine

I’ve having some problems with selecting a setting in Smartthings classic app and its not sticking.

For example: I try to enable 3D fan direction by selecting horizontal (in this example vertical was already enabled by the official Daikin remote).

I tap horizontal, leave the app or maybe go back out of the app. Go back a few minutes later and 3D hasn’t enabled or “stuck”

I check the log and it seems this is the error that is returned immediately after I tapped “horizontal”

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object @line 286 (convertTemp)

Anyone have any insight on this? Weather is getting a bit warmer where I live and would like the system working a bit smoother.


Is there any way of having the Fan Speed and the Dry Mode also on the new Smartthings App?
I cannot see any of this functions.

Thank you,

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Hello Ben,

Sorry for the noob question, but I am very new to all this. I still can’t believe I actually got it working. :slightly_smiling_face:

Firstly, thanks so much for making this work with S.T.

I have your V1.4.1 installed and the Daikin Controller BRP072A42 running firmware V3.4.3

Connected to my L-Series / FTXS71LVMA

However, I am experiencing a problem.

Cannot change to Fan or Dry Mode in S.T. but can in the official Daikin app.

Appreciate your help.

Strangely enough, when you set Fan or Dry Mode in the official Daikin app or hand controller it displays this mode correctly in the S.T. app.

However, as you can see from my above post there is no option to select these modes again once changed in S.T…

Dry Mode also displays, but not in S.T. Mode options when expanded.

Hi all, after installing the Device Handler as indicated in the initial post and creating a new device, it indeed shows up in Smarthings but for some reason I was unable to efficiently connect with the AC, as the AC unit appears to not respond to any command I insert on Smartthings.

Is there anything to do with the Daikin Wifi IP Address? Which adress should I put here?
I have already tried with the AC Unit adress showing up in my router, with the SSID and / or the MAC address indicated in the Daikin Wifi Controller. Only with the AC Unit IP adress showing up in my router I got a new Device Network ID in IDE (different from the one I put initially).

My controller is a BRP069B41 and from what I understand this DH should work fine with it.
@bendews do you know what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!

I think that this DH was actually developed for the old Classic Smartthings App, because over there you can select both Dry and Fan mode, but somehow on this new Connect App it does not work.
Hopefully someone will look into this…

Cannot seem to control it from the new app, only On/Off visible. Saw a screenshot from some posts above which had more controls.
Any tricks on how to get it working in the new app? Are there any other updated DH available/needed?