[RELEASE] Daikin WiFi Split System v1.4.1


(Ionut Savu) #83

Am I missing something because I can’t see any difference between the two variants of the code?


HA! You bet.
The error is ridiculous and the fix isnt different.

HOST: all capital is not accepted by B-type devices. Host (only H capital) is accepted by all daikin wifi variants.

Stupid. And took me hours to debug and understand what was different.
But works.

(Ben Dews) #85

Well that’s against HTTP spec :smiley: Is this the only change needed to fix the functionality? I will wait for someone else to test this out and will integrate the change back to master if all goes well!

Massive thanks for the troubleshooting @WGentine


@bendews Absolutely. This simple change will do the trick. No need for thanks! That’s why this is called a community! :smiley:

(Ionut Savu) #87

Worked for me, thanks a lot! :smiley:

(Ben Dews) #88

Hi all, fix has been merged back in to the main release. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your work on this!. It looks like my B-type wifi dongle is getting recognized! I see events getting logged and the current status is accurate.

However, my smartthings app just shows “checking status…” under the device and tapping on it results in a very quick notification at the bottom of the app: “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.”

Again, I am very new to all this so I am assuming this is all user error but if anyone has advice, it would be much appreciated.



Ok, I figured it out. Apparently the new-ish SmartThings app (aka Samsung Connect, apparently) will not work as expected but the, now renamed, SmartThings Classic app will. Works for me :slight_smile:



Hi @bendews,
Thanks alot for the integration, it is absolutely amazing, very helpful in my solution.
I have few question if you could advice regarding them:
1- My unit is FBA-A and i am using the controller BRP069A41, it supports 3 level fan control not 5.
2- Can i change the limit of the temperature to just between 16-32 instead of it going all the way to 100.
3- The only thing not working is the “Auto” mode, it does work on the daikin app, but it doesnt respond on SmartThings.
4- will there be an update to view consumption on SmartThings like on daikin app.

Thanks alot

(Ben Dews) #92

Hi @maxrh ,
Just copying my response from your GitHub issue here as well:

  1. Are you able to explain what behaviour you see when using the device handler? Does it only respond to levels 1, 2 and 3? Unfortunately I can not change the UI based on what’s discovered about the device so I can’t change this behaviour, but you can modify it yourself here but change the range values:
  2. Unfortunately no. This is a long-standing bug in SmartThings. You can see I do actually limit the temperature range here but it gets ignored:
  3. I don’t have any easy answers for this unfortunately. The BRP069A41 is one of the most common modules using this device handler and I have not heard anyone with the same issue so it may be model specific. I will look in to it regardless :+1:
  4. Unfortunately no, I don’t use SmartThings any more and my Daikin app does not have consumption data so I wouldn’t have a good idea of what I’m replicating, however this is a completely open-source project so anyone can extend the project to add consumption + scheduling support if they wish.

Thanks for your comment and feedback! :smile:

(Mike) #93

Finally installed my WiFi module today. Model BRP072A43. My unit is a FTX12NMVJU. All seems to be working OK except fan controls. The Daikin app doesn’t appear to give me control of it either so I’m guessing this is a limitation on the unit’s compatibility with the module.

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #94

@bendews you may want to consider the changes I’ve submitted

The DTH appears to be putting the system into “fan” operating mode rather than controlling the fan rate (which is the intended ST capability). Also included a few additional API’s rated to fan mode which would help make it more compliant with ST standards and SmartApps.

(Mike) #95

And this is why I happily paid for Rboy’s apps. Above and beyond to help out. Thanks!

(Vladimir Kraus) #96


Complete newbie here (1st day using ST hub), so bare with me. I managed to connect to your repo, I set the correct IP, and port following your instructions. However, all I see in ST app is this very spartan interface…

Not the nice AC control center as in first post… What am I missing?

And again sorry. I’m sure this is very newbish problem, I’m just eager to get my new toy working :slight_smile:

(Dominick Barile) #97

Are u using the new app, if so log into the classic app.

(Vladimir Kraus) #98

That was it! I’m not sure why I should use older (?) app with worse rating, but it seems to work fine. Thank you!

(Ben Dews) #99

@RBoy, big fan of your work! (no pun intended) :smiley: Massive thanks for the PR, just merged it to master. @MRobi has this helped your issue?

(Mike) #100

Yes, the changes fixed the app putting the split into full fan mode.

(skler) #101

I get this error:

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "-" @line 514 (parse)

Log: Parsing Response: [err:0, hhum:-, htemp:27, otemp:-, ret:OK]

BTW My Daikin (in the default app) doesn’t show external temperature.

(Ben Dews) #102

Apologies for the late response @skler!
Thanks for posting your log, although the response looks fine. One of my AC’s hasn’t got external temperature and the data looks just like yours! Very strange.
Is this error still occurring?