[Release] [Closed] Google Assistant Relay V1 - Google Home Audio Notifications!


(Greg) #1061

I can’t remember now, but it shows the link in the terminal I believe? If so, just copy and paste it into a browser, get the code and paste it back into the terminal

(Kees De Kraker) #1062

Thast the thing. It’s keep coming back with an error (500) when I try to open the URL.

(Kees De Kraker) #1063

Feel really stupid now. Somehow I forgot to add the client to the Google API. After adding a client, all when well.

Setup is working 100% correct!

Many thanks for your quick reply and developing Assistent Relay!

(Kate H) #1065

Tried it tonight and suddenly it works without any changes on my end from how I previously had it set up. Shifted all the notifications I had set up using the audio cast protocol to use this instead. Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Kate H) #1066

Aaaaand 6 hours later I’m back to “broadcasts show up in My Activity” but Google Home makes no sound." :frowning:


I have not been able to get broadcast to work for weeks. I have tried everything. They show up in my google activity and custom commands work but i get nothing broadcast from my google homes. Well, I just got it to work. I went into my router and disabled IPV6 and voila…everything worked. It appears that google was looking at the IP address and assumed they were not in the same location. So, the broadcasts wouldn’t play on my devices. But it is working now 100% of the time.

(Dan) #1068

Nice find Ryan!!!



(Bryan) #1070

GENIUS! Thank you so much for figuring this out!


I also found a really great tool for installing node on your Raspberry Pi. One command and BINGO…done. I’ll be updating my wiki with this one. Best part, it allows you to install any version of Node you want.

(Kate H) #1072

Okay Google needs to hire you. Figuring out their bugs for them like this. I’m thinking the Google Home in general would be a considerably less frustrating device if they had someone like you on the team!

Can I assume you’ve communicated this to their team on the other thread so they can fix their SDK’s IPv6 awareness?


I’ve posted under the GitHub repo that was being tracked but if you know of somewhere else I should post it, let me know.

(Kate H) #1074

Thus far in every interaction I’ve had with Google Assistant support they’ve made a point of trying to tell me “Hey Google, send feedback” was the best way to make sure my feedback actually gets heard. Though truth be told I’ve never fully believed them on this.


Me either, since I did that several times and never even got a stock email reply.

(Brennan) #1076

Amazing work @Ryan780 !!

That’s fixed the problem for me as well.

P.S. I’ve forgotten, but is there a way to change the amount of time between broadcasts?

Example: I have the assistant relay tied to a motion sensor, when the motion detects motion, it sends a broadcast to the google home.
Well I have one of these at my front office door, which can go off quite frequently, so say, if motion senses something more than once within say a 10 minute period, only send the command to the relay once?


What are you sending the notification from? WebCore?

(Brennan) #1078

Yes, from webCore

(Jonathan Rider) #1079

Ryan, you are a legend! Did this last night and everything is working perfectly now!

Now I just need to work out how to add the converse=true command to WebCore to make it talk talk to me…


If they are all from the same piston you can set it to never cancel task and also add a wait at the end. If you need specific help you can post a snapshot of the piston over on the webcore forum.


I have three Google Homes and 1 mini. Today broadcasts through any method were only coming through the mini. I’m in the UK and the three Google Homes were purchased from the US back in 2016.

I tried rebooting them to no avail. Factory resetting them by holding the microphone button for 15 seconds has resolved the issue.

No idea what the cause was but at least it was a quick solution.