[RELEASE] cast-web v1.2.1 - Chromecast Integration (EDGE Driver discussion begins in post 1668)

@kebel871- I have been using Ulises Mujica’s “Media Renderer Events” smartapp to send rendered TTS messages to my cast-web-api connected Google Home speakers. My kids love it as I have it play a special personalized message for them each night at bedtime.

The TTS settings I use in the Smartapp-

  • Mode: SmartThings (misspelled in the repo as “Smartings”)
  • Voice: en-US Salli - for French Canadian there is fr-CA Chantal, but there are also fr-FR Celine & fr-FR Mathieu available.
  • Google Voice, RSS Language,Voice RSS Key, Alexa Access Key - you can probably leave these with their default settings.