[RELEASE] cast-web v1.2.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApp

I did it. It worked. Thanks. Some testing with the webcore piston and playing a spotify station:

When I ask it to play something, it immediately shows that the device is ON, which is good.
When I change the volume of the device in smartthings, it shows the device as OFF (even though the speaker is still playing). Bug? Is there something we can do about this?
When I tell the speaker to ‘STOP’, after the webcore piston refreshes the device, it still shows as ON.
Bug? Is there something we can do about this?


Did you ever get this to work? I also only hear the chime and no audio. Even with TTS on or off.

Weird, I don’t have any of that issues.
Maybe something with your piston? Can you share it?

The first issue with changing the volume is from within the smartthings app. If you have the device opened and change the volume, it automatically thinks the device is off. FYI, after I stop playing spotify, it takes about 5 minutes for the device to be seen as OFF in the app. Even with multiple refreshes.

I’m having an issue with the connectivity of mine - I’ve got all my google-homes and google-minis on my network, but in smartthings they are all still (after a week+) cast-web-device and stuck on ‘Checking…’

Any ideas how to get them to stop checking and be connected? My cast-web-api is connected and working. They aren’t on a guest network or anything like that, and I only have one subnet, so I can’t see a reason they wouldn’t be working together.

Also - I can ping all google devices from my rpi (where the cast-web-api is running).

Could be because the rpi is on an ethernet cable and the google devices are on wifi?

This is due to a conflict between the custom DH and the new app. The DH has never been updated to be fully compatible with the new app. It still works, it just doesn’t show you all the details in the app like it did in the ST classic app.

@jonicunha updated portions of the code to update the device card to show on/off. To implement, you have to update the DH in groovy ide.

Okay, I went ahead and changed line 37 to be what you provided for me. Do I need to reboot anything for the change to take affect?

Also, I haven’t been able to actually control the devices - in the setup video I watched he suggested that I change volume on the google home/minis in the smartthings app to determine which one is which - but when I did that, the volume wouldn’t change (it would appear to be loading) and then it would revert back to the original volume.

There are occasionally some caching issues when updating a DH. In IDE, update each device to a different DH then switch back to the cast-web-api device DH. That should force an update.

That would be a separate issue, any errors on your rPi server?

I actually may have gotten it to work - it seems that the IDE is showing the volume of each device and I just saw an update in the volume, hopefully I can get something working from here. I’ll let you know if I can’t - thank you very much!

So it seems that I am able to see the devices (and their volumes to determine which is which), but when I try to setup an automation (trying to get them to tell me when a door is open), they fail to do anything.

Any ideas why? It works with alexa, so I know at least that part of it is working.

Honestly, I’ve never used as part of Automations. Historically, I’ve done those things in webCore, though I suppose its time to give Automations a try since webCore wont be around forever. I’ll try to test in the next few days and let you know.

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