[RELEASE] cast-web v1.2.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApp

Any chance we can get a status to see when a speaker is listening to a voice command? Then I can code with webcore where the voice command is coming from and only broadcast to that speaker.

Android server just simply doesn’t work errors is all you get when you try to run it.

Any reason why my assistant speak command in webcore isn’t working? I just select the api device and use the speak command. I followed the full setup video with credentials, etc. Nothing is playing.

Is there a way to imitate a mobile app’s way of cast to device?

Just to get all the information there are avaible to chromecast devices, like track information and more.

I use webcore to start playing.

I install cast-web-api-cli on linux. I successfully install cast-web-device, cast-web-api, and Service manager in Smartthings classic app. I am able to discover the speaker in Cast web - service manager. However, when I try to save, I got an Error: bad state, Unable to complete page configuration. I search this thread. Someone had this problem before. But I don’t see any solution.

I check the IDE live logging and see the following:

59d6112e-54fb-40a7-8017-825d53998e97 8:00:21 PM: error grails.validation.ValidationException: Validation Error(s) occurred during save():

  • Field error in object ‘physicalgraph.device.Device’ on field ‘deviceNetworkId’: rejected value [1078D244A451]; codes [physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.java.lang.String,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error.java.lang.String,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.error,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.deviceNetworkId,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique.java.lang.String,physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId.unique,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.deviceNetworkId,device.deviceNetworkId.unique.java.lang.String,device.deviceNetworkId.unique,unique.physicalgraph.device.Device.deviceNetworkId,unique.deviceNetworkId,unique.java.lang.String,unique]; arguments [deviceNetworkId,class physicalgraph.device.Device,1078D244A451]; default message [{0} must be unique]
    @line 126 (addDevices)
    59d6112e-54fb-40a7-8017-825d53998e97 8:00:21 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

In cast-web-api-out.log:
cast-web-api v1.2.1
cast-web-api running at
deviceUp: {“id”:“f28c6faef83bfd4be881ba9088e13d99”,“name”:“Bedroom speaker”,“address”:{“port”:8009,“host”:“”,“rejectUnauthorized”:false},“groups”:}
message broadcast: false

Any suggestion?

If you use the presets you get some track info, but less than before, clearly there have been some back-end changes to SmartThings, and this integration needs a little updating.

HM… i cannot presets to work in the app. No response when I press the button

im having issues running the API on a Pixel4 - anyone else able to get the API working on the latest version of Android using Dory?

when I attempt to change the host/port it keeps defaulting to

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