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[RELEASE] cast-web v1.2.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApp

i am getting error. No gprc module found.

I updated the cast-web-api but I cant find the updated device handler. The update instructions brings me to the old links. How can I get the new dth and app?

Haven’t tried it, but some parts need to be compiled on your device. I’d assume this doesn’t work on android;

On which platform? This is required for the assistant part, which is optional, so it shouldn’t stop the update/install.

The install instructions on the project website? They are linking to the current version…

Ok. Thanks. I figured I was on the older version because when I go into the Cast Web - Service manager and check for updates it says there is an update available from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0. Also when I do presets I have to use the old preset generator for the presets to work. Everything does work it just seems odd.

I love the app. Payment going your way

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I tried turning my Firewall off and started castwebapi but still i am seeing devices are not discovering.:(:disappointed: Yes. I am in Windows server.


Yes. I merged it like this express > v1.1.0 > master (=release).

Yes. But it’s your choice to use it. The device in your ST app called cast-web-api can now be used for tts and speak commands. So you can use that with big talker. However you can use tts with your cast-devices like before.

Well casting now supports queuing. So you could make a preset that first plays a siren mp3, then either an announcement mp3 or googleTTS with an announcement. However I don’t recommend this. I consider the cast protocol and cast-web-api too unreliable for this.

Oh and the Google assistant does support piping audio to it for broadcasts. But that’s not my priority right now.

No. Hope answer above is satisfactory.

I’ll make a video guide on that. One thing though: if you save client id and secret, does the step 1/2 indicator get a green check? If it does, and you reload the page, does it stay green?

Ohhhhh… yeah maybe I forgot to bump the version, will check :sweat_smile:

Alright… I’ll look into that.

Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get a win server from somewhere. For the time being (never thought I’d say that) have you considered docker?

Thank you man. Few things to note

  1. I haven’t completed the google assistant api steps as I got stuck and couldn’t move further after I copied client ID and secret key and save. The Authorize button still GREYED out. Don’t know how to enable

  2. My announcements from BigTalker2 still gets played on google home like before without any problem even if google assistant steps are incomplete. Thank you. I am assuming the announcement from BigTalker2 are still sent to GH using cast feature instead of broadcast. Correct???

  3. The pain with cast is that it doesn’t resume the previous work GH is doing. Example if I am playing a song when the announcement comes from BigTalker2 then the song doesn’t resume after announcement is finished. I believe I have to use the google assistant broadcast feature for it right???

  4. I didn’t understand the part on how to use the GH for both to announce the events using BigTalker2 and then sound like a siren. You need to expose “Alarm” capability on the cast-web-device device handler right for me to select the GH as a siren in SHM app ???

  5. Currently my BigTalker2 configurations use GH as a music player. So all the announcements are, I believe, converted as a audio file and sent to GH using PlayTrack or PlayTrackResume methods of the device handler. I believe any speech or text is also converted using TTS as audio and sent to GH. But ALARM is a capability like Music Player. This is missing for Cast-web-device DTH.

My ultimate aim is 2 things

  1. Use GH for event announcements and then resume GH after announcements

  2. Use GH as a siren to make sound when my system is Armed mode and an event happens that trips the sensors.

Can cast-web-device do allow these with cast functionality or broadcast functionality?

By the way, I see no hep on how to setup presets? Can u send me some notes on how to setup presets to play some audio and play them when an event happens.

Yup, my bad. Just pushed an update to GitHub. Version number was still old, now it’s 1.1.0, nothing else changed. Just need to update if the notification annoys you.

Yeah video for the preset generator is also overdue. Will upload one soon!

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@vervallsweg Could you check my update and provide me your inputs.

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I have not used docker. Will try and update here. Thank you.

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That uses broadcast. Use the speak() command on the ‘cast-web-api’ device in your ST app, after you set up the assistant part. Only speak and audio notification capabilities, not music player.

Standard cast feature. Use any of your cast devices in your ST app, not the cast-api-device. Use the old music player capability for ST TTS and speak, audio notification if you want to use the Google TTS voice.

Will come back to the rest tomorrow. Also just made the video for the assistant, still need to cut it though.

Thank you @vervallsweg for Quick reply. So I should enable GH broadcast for text to speech motivations correct???

For siren implementation, are you saying I should send a track or mp3 file that has siren sound? I am actually talking about ALARM capability exposed by Smartthings. Can we have the cast-web-device implementing the ALARM capability like LANNouncer or AEOTEC Sirens?

I published a video on the website. Somehow the website doesn’t deploy right now. Whenever it feels like it, the video should be here:

raw video here:


I am following the notes in the web link below.

When i get to the section about starting this in the background running the command

forever start ‘which cast-web-api’

I get the error message

Cannot start forever
script /home/pi/which cast-web-api does not exist.

Any ideas?

running cast-web-api seems to work as i see

cast-web-api v1.1.0
cast-web-api running at http://IP-ADDRESS-HERE:3000