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[RELEASE] cast-web v1.2.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApp

Thanks, well i have downloaded smarthings classic app now at the last point its continuously loading, when i tap Discover devices i dont see any devices here, what to do ?

  1. Open your SmartThings mobile app
  2. Go to: ‘Marketplace’ > ‘Smartapps’ > ‘+ My Apps’ > Cast web - service manager
  3. Enter your cast-web-api address.
  4. Tap 'Discover devices’

When you started your API on your computer, did it find and list your devices with long, random-looking ID numbers there in the console?
It would have listed your devices right before telling you the IP address:port it’s running on. Let’s figure out first if it’s seeing them so it will have them to pass along to your ST…

i dont see there any devices in console in my terminal

Ah. So, we’ve narrowed it down, that’s good…

How many Googlecast/Chromecast devices do you have in your network? They can all be reached no problem from your phone all the time, etc.?

It sounds like your computer/Pi/whatever you’re running the API on is maybe on a different network or subnet?
Do you by any chance have a guest WiFi network set up that your devices or computer could be signed onto? Or multiple access points with different SSIDs?

Some people have also discovered that they had plugged their hub or computer into their cable modem before the router or some such weirdness?

Basically, anything you do that casues your api machine and your devices not to be on the same network is going to result in not seeing them.

Can you log into your router and see that all your devices have the same IP subnet? i.e. they all begin exactly the same, such as “”
If they are on different LANs entirely, because of 2 different access points or routers sending them to different places, they’re just simply not going to be able to see each other because they’re literally not “there” on each other’s networks."

I’m hoping you can point out something obvious that I am missing in container station. For the life of me I can’t get a cast-web container to run, its starts then immediately stops.

Do you mind walking me though creating/starting your docker image in container station? I’ve tried everything but here is an example:

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Definitely a noob, but could use some help. I have everything configured, I see the smartapp in ST, and it sees all my google devices. However, when I select one and hit “Next” I get a blank page, and then when I try to save I get “Network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

Are you able to reach the api from a browser on the network? By typing in the ip:port in to chrome or safari?

so, in the service manager picture you’re using port 2000 but on the successful commands you typed 3000 for the port?

I am, I can also test the api from ST and get a 200 reply


Good eye, but no… I’ve just experimented with running the API with many different ports.

Everything works (or doesn’t work) exactly the same no matter what port I use. I just happened to screenshot that while I was trying port 2000. Of course, whatever port I start the API on is the port I use for testing with ST.

Almost lucky :grinning:

I KNOW, right?! I get very excited when someone is trying to help, because I feel like there’s bound to be some STUPID little thing I’ve overlooked, because every little detail of everything is working so perfectly, except the very last step, where you’re just supposed to enjoy it. :confused:

I’m hoping dev on this project isn’t dead, and that maybe the 1.1 api will solve my woes, as I know he was rewriting the mdns stuff for that version, as several people (seemingly without rhyme or reason) were having related problems with it. I know for a while he was DMing people that version, but I haven’t seen any evidence he’s working on the project anymore or comes on here. Fingers crossed…

Thanks for taking the time to throw something out there!

Just to add to this…Once I choose my device, it goes to a blank page…Live logging throws the following: Device type 'cast-web-api' in namespace 'vervallsweg' not found. @line 125 (addDevices)

Figured it out…created the cast-web-device in devhandlers but not the cast-web-api devhandler…sorry

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I’ve just run cast-web-api using DEBUG, and I’m posting the results (starting with the line of the api running, after all the discovery) here in case @vervallsweg or anyone can help…

Still having the cast-web-device issue, even though tonight I’ve freshly reinstalled everything, including all device handlers and smartapp in the IDE, node.js, and cast-web-api tonight.

If you’ve missed my previous posts, this one shows that I seem to have perfectly good communication all around, except when it comes down to actually using the devices themselves…they all get the “cast-web-device” name and don’t function at all, though I can check the api on any browser, even type commands in the browser. It just doesn’t want to send info back to ST for some reason…


[logs redacted]

Strange you haven’t got this up and running yet, have you also factory reset your G-Homes, deleted all cast-web things from ST app, and run discovery again?

I haven’t reset my G-Homes…I have 12 devices. Factory resetting all of them? I’m not being a smartass, but why? That sounds painful…And what are the odds they all 12 have something that a factory reset will fix? I have no issues at all with them other than this.

As for deleting all cast-web things and running discovery again: I do that several times every time I test this. Every time I try something new, every time I restart the api, I delete the smartapp, which deletes the devices, and I start over. I’ve probably done it 20 times today. :frowning:

Outside the box thinking:

  • I am using Google Wifi routers. They’re great…but could they be a problem? Anyone else have them?
  • Using an NVidia Shield with the SmartThings Link as my hub. Again…zero issues, ever with any device…but does anyone happen to know if this could be an issue? Is anyone successfully using a Shield/Link with cast-web-api?

Can someone walk me thru how to get FOREVER and cast-web-api to restart after reboot on Raspberry Pi (I’m very new to Pi)

Not sure what host machine you are using but if it has more than one NIC disable the one(s) not being used by cast-web. I wish there was a way to bind the service to a specific NIC, it might prevent this issue.

what npm version ? npm -v
node.js version
api version
can you ping the st hub from the pi
does your pi report it’s IP as only 1 ip?