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[RELEASE] cast-web 1.0.0 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApps


(Ricky Turner) #843

Those shouldn’t still be called cast-web-device. Your API isn’t talking to SmartThings.

Can I ask what hub you’re using?


I’m using Blue Iris and tried the url you mentioned (as well as the content type image/jpeg and video/mjpg) but it just shows “SmartThings playback” followed by the cast icon. The url works fine in a browser but not as a preset or in WebCore. Has anyone else gotten this working and doesn’t mind sharing their settings?


Do you have the authentication for blueiris set to external only? That’s the only thing that pops out to me that could be different in your setup.

(Mark C) #846

could anyone advise how to update, the node js files on an adroid phone, i just noticed that the code has been updated in github, is there an easy way to refresh the files or does it do it automaticly?

(Mark C) #847

whats pm2 can it be installed on android?


Ultimately, it ended up working as a preset after redoing it several times. I’m pretty sure I had a typo in my url :blush:. I never got playTrack working with the url in WebCore so I ended up using playPreset to make it work. Thanks for your help!