[RELEASE] cast-web 1.0.0 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApps


(G) #352

All 11 devices found, happy camper again :slight_smile:
Many thanks!

(G) #353

While playing with webCoRe trying to create simple piston that would announce when door is opened , is there way to resume playback of content that was casted to GH? I tried Speak and resume, but the cast from tune in just get’s cut off and will not resume after the announcement.


(Tobias) #354

No. I think that was discussed on this thread somewhere already.

Short: Due to DRM and the way the cast protocol is designed it is not possible. It is technically possible to play or resume the last played preset after an announcement. I’m still working on resuming presets, that will work in the next release.

If you really need that, there is a different project on the forum that just supports announcements. This uses the broadcast feature, which resumes playback. Afaik that means that all Google Home (maybe also cast devices?) on your entire network play that message.

(G) #355

Thanks for the explanation, and great support you provide!


I’m trying to see the use case for this via SmartThings. Will this allow Chromecast like Nvidia Shield, Chromecast audio to be speaker devices?

Currently I have my shield tablet, s8+ and Fire Tablet as speakers for Lannouncer and WebCore. Just trying to see how this SmartApp would work or if it is needed.

Going through these threads to find answers as well.


I have several WC pistons that do this. Message me and I’ll send you the piston screenshot

(G) #358

That would be great, I tried several but none restored playback

(Tobias) #359

Yes. Just like a Bose, Sonos or VLC integration into ST.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #360

I scanned through this post and couldn’t find this issue so I hope I am not having anyone repeat themselves.

I have the node up with the cast-web-api. I can go to the IP:3000 and see the cast api text. But if I do a IP:3000/getDevices I get a HTTP 500 error.

I also get the same issue when trying to access from the smart app. On the node window it will say Request to: /getDevices and it will repeat every minute with no actual listing.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

(Matt Behnken) #361

Sounds right, in the terminal it shows the devices responding but in some node.js apps it doesn’t show full logging. On my Dory app it just says request to get devices and is blank, however in the cast-web smart app in the ST app under discover devices, it shows my devices after a minute or so from /get devices.

(KroLeXz) #362

casted music to group speaks via spotify and it played on the google home minis but not the two shields I have.

(joe) #363

Hi all, Thanks dev for the amazing app. I am having an issue with webcore integration while sending long messages (over 4 letters) to google device. short messages such as “off”, “test” or “on” work fine, but anything longer doesn’t trigger the cast.

the logging message on the IDE is the following:

com.amazonaws.services.s3.model.AmazonS3Exception: The specified key does not exist. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 404; Error Code: NoSuchKey; Request ID: edited), S3 Extended Request ID: edited/edited= @line 445 (speak)

Any help would be appreciated!

(Tobias) #364

Run the API with DEBUG=cast-web-api cast-web-api . Just put DEBUG=cast-web-api in front of the command you normally use. Then it will output debugging info to the terminal.

Yup, that’s the expected behavior unless you enable debugging.

This is probably a ST error. They use AWS for TTS. Seems to be a problem with ST’s implementation of it. Should probably resolve itself after a couple of hours.

Not sure if I got your problem right but no you cannot put any cast device that has a screen into an audio group.

(Jan) #365

Hi @vervallsweg,

using cast-web quite a lot and love that I can get notifications from ST on cast devices. However, I don’t like the direction Samsung seems to be going with the new ST app (not supporting custom DTHs etc.), so I decided - like many other ST users - to look somewhere else. I just ordered a Hubitat are currently doing) hub which looks really promising. Apps and DTHs written for ST can apparently be ported to Hubitat with only a few changes. As of now, they don’t have a native TTS functionality, but it’s planned. Would you consider taking a look if the ST cast-web could be ported?


(Tobias) #366

I’m also thinking about jumping ship :joy:

Currently really busy with v1 of the API and DTH. Once I’m done with that I’ll look into other platforms. Also the new API will make developing for any platform much simpler since the API does all the heavy lifting.

If your alternative really needs Google Cast, Home Assistant supports it and openHab. OpenHap also supports Google Assistant, that’s why it’s my favorite should the ST stuff go south.

(Tobias) #367

Yep, just tried it, can confirm it’s still broken. The official speaker companion app won’t even install. Same error. BigTalker works though.

This is so ridicules… the under the hood implementation of TTS has been utter sh** for months now, thats one thing. But now not even the most basic things work anymore, that is just shocking. And that nobody at ST gives a crap is even worse.


This code works for TTS:

input "speakers", "capability.speechSynthesis", title: "On these speakers", multiple:true, required: false


(Tobias) #369

I know, just ST isn’t using it. They use the audio player capability.

Update: Yes, they fixed it :+1:


By any chance do you know what methods are available for this capability, eg with regards to languages, voices, resume playback, etc?

I found that speakers.setLevel(volume) can change the sound level for this capability, just wondering what else there is

(Tobias) #371

Well theres the new capability reference for it. Though STs own smartapps don’t always implement it properly.

What exactly are you trying to do though? cast-web supports not just audio-player and all that but also standard switch and dimmer for compatibility.