[RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

Good to know… don’t know whether it is my piston or whether it is the device.

Any option how to do, that is Garage Door (multi purpose sensor) stays open for x minutes close the mud room door (z-wave lock)?


Thanks! I am at 48 pistons and things have alien down dramatically. Good to know there is hope.

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It has been said in another thread that the more pistons you have, the slower CoRE runs.
That’s why some people, including me, have multiple instances of CoRE.
To do this change line 59 (I think) from true to false.
Here is what I have done.
I have 11.

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Any performance issue with ST overall using this method? Seems like the more SmartApps you have running, the less happy the system would be.

I’m not getting any issues with any of my pistons/automations.
The up side is that I can open CoRE quickly and amend them quickly.
Before I did this one particularly big piston would take a minute to open.


I am having issues with date and time conditions. Every time I add this condition, I t wont let me change the attribute… I click on capability, then “date & time” then comparison, then “is after” and then I get kicked back to a blank screen that just says “condition #3” with no data entry… if I go back, then it wont let me edit this condition at all and I have to delete the entire piston to recover.

Is this a known bug?

I have 5 installations and have noticed no Ill effects everything runs as it should.

I am wondering if anyone has seen this and if it’s a bug. I was working with one of my latching pistons and decided to add a time restriction on the but if action. Inside the smart app it shows only run between 11:30 pm and 6:30 am but then when I look at in the dashboard it shows the time restriction of 5:30 am to 12:30 pm. Not sure which one to believe.

Check computer or emulator time.

looks like the time zone was blank in the API. After reteaching the home location, it picked up the correct time zone and now it is working.

Interesting idea, just wondering if one instance of CoRE can call a piston from another instance of CoRE? I am looking at creating “common” routines like lock all doors, and i would like to be able to reference them from any instance of CoRE?



piston type DO instead of default BASIC.

in the piston that calls the other…in THEN choose Using Location… Execute piston found in task

If you mean can the instances as below call each others piston, then the answer is no. But as @rangelsammon has said, you can call other pistons within the same instance of CoRE.

I tried that, but i do not get the list of Pistons from the other instance of CoRE…

So as an example in the first instance of CoRE called “CoRE Routines”, i have a piston call “All inside lights off”

In my second instance of CoRE called “CoRE - Inside Lights”, I have a piston called “All lights off at 8am” From this piston, i want to execute the piston from above. The advantage is if i add a light in the future i only do it in one place. (theoretically speaking).

I may call the “All inside lights off” piston from many other pistons.

Hope this explains the situation a bit better.



Ah… OK


This would be a nice feature request!

to me its a total disadvantage is pain to have more than one instance of core installed. Organization yes but thats it. no other advantage that i can think of

The only reason I did it was running CoRE for new pistons or amendments to them was getting slower and slower.
Everything has now speeded up.
Works for me.

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If you are using EchoSistant you can run a piston from all installs of CoRE… No problem at all.

Should be able to make a web call from the first instance / piston to the second instance / piston to execute it.