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[RELEASE] Button Controller Plus, HS-WD100+ HS-WS100+

(Dale C) #21

I wish I knew of another way. I emailed HomeSeer to ask just in case but according to @slagle OTA updates for ST are UTA (Up in The Air) LOL

I wouldn’t hold your breath on this because historically SmartThings has had this on their things to do and show zero progress because they have been working on bigger fish to fry namely their platform instability. In addition, when and if OTA is released to ST, it would not surprise me they only support it minimally with only products listed as compatible.

Post a new thread on your efforts to get your firmware update, I want to follow you on your progress. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Heard back from HomeSeer and they confirmed what you thought @kkennedy22. Here is their response:

Only HomeSeer can update the firmware on those switches. You could download a trial of our software and purchase a SmartStick+ to upgrade the firmware.

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(Tim Slagle) #22

This made me LOL really hard. UTA… HA!

But yes, they are. It’s a major project for us right now.

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Wow - that was timely. Looks like the dimmer firmware was just released a couple of hours ago - at least from the timestamps on the read me file. I have an HS controller, so I updated an HS-WD100+ dimmer and HS-WS100+ on/off switch with the latest firmware and so far so good. No more on/off thrashing of the on/off switch when held, and the dimmer now ramps up appropriately by default whether being controlled externally or manually at the switch. Much cleaner than using the device handler hack. I haven’t yet verified that the other functions still work.

Looks like HomeSeer may have been in a real rush to get these switches out, but a suppose it’s not a big deal if you happen to have an HS controller or one that supports OTA updates…

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(Kevin) #24

Thanks. Bit the bullet and ordered a SmartStick+ tonight. If anyone else is considering, they are part of HomeSeer’s current weekly specials, $36 plus shipping ( with coupon code JN-10P. I’d just RMA it when I’m done, but I think I’ll probably be buying more of these switches assuming this all goes well. Maybe I’ll rent it out via snail mail to any of you in need for $5 plus shipping both ways. Probably overly trusting, but I just don’t see the sense in padding HS sales for a device most of us only need for a matter of hours to fix their errors.

Secondly, I apologize if this is a silly question, but once I get it, I assume there is no way around excluding all of my switches from my SmartThings hub, adding them to the SmartStick+ to update firmware, then reversing the whole process?

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(Kenneth C) #25

Great enhancments to the orignal Button Controller app.

Is there a way to add the Iris/Linear Garage Door Opener as a command? I guess it might be difficult to toggle the “Open/Close” Command to single.

Thanks in advance!


@Darwin @dalec I wrote about these switches initially months ago and just got around to buying them, 42 to be exact…the ramp up rate is killing me…is there any way to have them go to 100% instantly or reduce the lag of the ramp up? I could probably live with it but WAF and kids are at play…

Hellllp haha


Yes, I’ve been planning on adding support for the new V5.14 firmware dim rate configuration options. I should be able to have something ready this weekend.

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(Dale C) #28

Great! So does this mean if we don’t have v5.14 we need to update to that version on the hardware for your future update to work right?


You’re the man


I’ve updated the WD100+ device handler to support the latest firmware ramp rate configuration capabilities and also added a preference option to have double-tap up turn on the light to full brightness. Details are in the HomeSeer HS-WD100+ thread

The local ramp rate configuration should now work since that was supported in the old version, but the remote ramp rate will not. I ended up removing the previous workaround for this to reduce the DH complexity for maintainability. The old device handler code is still available if you want remote dim rate control on the old firmware, but I could probably have my arm twisted to add that back to the current code if it causes anyone major grief.


@Darwin you are doing some great work! I really appreciate it.

-Is there a way to make the default to set full brightness on single click instead of double?

-Maybe I am looking in the wrong place but I am not seeing where I can change the ramp down rates…

-Also, the configure button isn’t working, but the settings cog at the top does.

-What does the reverse button do?

-“Setting a dim level per duration of 99 will provide a close to instantaneous ramp-up.” so higher = faster on the two that have (1-99) but lower is faster on the two that have (1-22) as options?


I’ve added a single tap up to full brightness option to the handler. Let me know how that works for you.

The switch only allows for ramp rate configuration in general. The ramp-up and ramp-down rates cannot be independently configured to my knowledge.

The configure button is only used for applying the ramp rate configuration after the values are set in preferences (settings cog). Are you seeing a different behavior?

The reverse button enables the reverse switch capability in the switch firmware which reverses the up and down buttons on the switch and also reverses the LED indicator display. I’m not sure of the value, but I added it since the firmware supports it.

Correct. The dim level (%) per duration controls how many % levels will change for a given period of time when ramping up/down so higher is faster. The duration of each level controls how much time is spent waiting at each level before applying the next % level, so higher is slower.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if I misunderstood any of the questions. Thanks!


Thank you so much…I will check it as soon as I get home!

I guess I just wasn’t sure what the configure button did…I assumed it brought up the settings, sorry


No problem. It’s confusing. For some reason, the device handler can’t set the configuration of the switch directly from the settings page and the configuration button is required after the values have been set.

(Christopher Cox) #35

Hi! I just received some Homeseer dimming switches and am trying to turn all my switches to the dimmers. I’m working with the smartthings hub and I’m trying to find a device handler that will allow me to single tap to turn the light on to previous dim level, double tap to turn two switches on(or a routine), and three taps to turn all the switches on(or routine). Is there anyone that can help me find a device handler to do such a thing?

(Dale C) #36

If I understand your problem correctly you are good to go. You need a device handler plus a smartapp. Use @Darwin custom DTH for the HomeSeer HS-WD100+ that you received and then use a button control smartapp to trigger what you want. Of course the Button Controller Plus smartapp in the original post above can do what you requested but you could use CoRE as well.

(Roger G) #37

@dalec this is an awesome app. Can you please consider adding Phillips Hue support to set a bulb color and dimming directly through the press of a button?

(Dale C) #38

Interesting. I don’t have a any Phillips Hue color bulbs to test. I am sure you could accomplish this though no problem using CoRE by @ady624

(Roger G) #39

can you please give a bit more detail about how I could achieve this using CORE?


So I was able to add the Button Controller Plus and so far it seems to work great! I’m not at home yet though so I can’t test it out…

I believe I read up above that this SmartApp runs remotely, causing additional lag. But if we use the regular Button Controller Smartapp it would run locally. Is this correct? (Edit: On further research, perhaps it is only the Smart Lighting app that runs locally? If so, that does not handle configuration of the double/triple tap commands, or does it? From what I can tell, Button Controller is required to configure the double/triple tap commands?)

If so, my next question is, where the heck do I find the regular Button Controller smartapp? I am searching the SmartApps section and for the life of me, I cannot find it…