[RELEASE] Blink Camera IFTTT Integration

You can create DTH on the Euro shard, if you login using the link in the first post it should redirect to the correct shard then you should be able to follow the instructions. You may need to link GitHub to enable adding repos. Alternatively you can just create a new DTH and copy paste the code in.

Hi Faze, thanks for the hint. I’ve followed the guideline from RBoy but actually I have a problem that the blink camera does not start when motions detected. Can you have a look to the screenshots? IFTT


No sure what you are trying to achieve exactly but I would guess you want to record when motion is detected? If that’s the case then it won’t work, Blink sync modules can only be armed/disarmed (turning on/off motion detection), Blink cameras can only be triggers (motion detection).

Oh no this is exactly what i want. When motion detected on my ring camera then trigger Blink camera.

You can’t do that, you would be better just leaving the system armed having the blink camera detect motion and record.