[RELEASE] Blink Camera IFTTT Integration

Hold it!!! THIS IS BACK AGAIN? :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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No unfortunately. This is just IFTTT integration, and nothing like what RBoy had before (which was a 1000 times better IMHO).

Yeah see that now :rage: I’ve been using IFTTT with virtual switches already. Close as we are going to get I guess. Still great to see RBoy still involved.

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Arm/disarm works as shown but the motion events do not. Any suggestions? Testing suggestions?

Check your IFTTT rules and most importantly check that you’ve given the SmartThings IFTTT app permissions to access your virtual camera devices (this is a common issue) by opening the IFTTT SmartApp and selecting all your Blink virtual sync modules and cameras.

Hi - forgive my not understanding here, but what is the purpose of this device handler compared to just using Simulated Switches?

We can achieve the same result with IFTTT and simulated switches - what’s the benefit of this device handler? (I see one as adjusting the reset time… what else?)

Does it allow more options/features within Smartthings?


Thanks in advance

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now IFTTT has become expensive… is there plans a foot to create something that works without IFTTT?

thanks for the hard work.

Also, i couldnt get this to work in Europe with IFTTT anyway

I’m really hoping that AMZ starts to do more with these now that they own them. If/when that happens, and to what extent we can manage individual cameras, I’ll dump IFTTT in an instant.

Amazon were the ones who stopped third party integration so don’t hold your breath anything will change. There is an undocumented API (HA uses it I think), but it seems a bit hit and miss. Currently I’m getting asked to verify logins every day from HA.

Oh I know that. I was using @RBoy’s from the very beginning. I’m talking about natively within Alexa. Right now the cameras are individual devices, as well as the “system”, but the cameras are available to be used in Alexa Routines yet.

Blinks response when they killed the API was just use IFTTT, now I can not even run the four applets needed simply to turn the two Blink Hubs on and off for free, not to mention all of the others to handle detecting motion. This is just ridiculous. I am really getting tired of companies buying up properties only to make them worse.

We’re working on an alternative using the free IFTTT option for those who don’t have the IFTTT Pro option. It’ll take some time though and may not be ready before the IFTTT cut off and it will be a one way sync only. If you need 2 way sync I would recommend taking advantage of the Name your own price offer from IFTTT and subscribing to Pro until another way can be worked out.


Thanks for the response RBoy. I appreciate it. I only got to use your Blink product for a few months after buying the lifetime subscription before Amazon shut down the API. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Your manager worked so much better than the IFTTT solution I had to come up with.

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I just created another account on IFTTT and got another 3 applets. :wink: I’ll do that as many times as needed too. Only downside is notifications via IFTTT, but I don’t care.


I haven’t tried connecting multiple IFTTT accounts to ST, if that works then it’s a simple solution.

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I did read over on the IFTTT Reddit that multiple accounts potentially breaks T&Cs, so use with caution. I do wonder though if the 3 will be upped, they have already changed the 1 year NYP to forever so do seem to be listening to feedback, unless that was their plan all along.

I would like to think so. I have multiple IFTTT accounts that are used, but not all are necessarily mine. One is mine, the other is my wife’s and the other is my daughter’s. Perhaps IFTTT should reevaluate their position, and either grandfather existing applets as of a certain date, or up the free limit to 4, or 5.

Thanks for the tip. Good idea. I will give it a try

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looking for suggestions or other ideas… I am also ‘hit’ with the IFTTT issue and I will not pay for their upgraded thing.

currently I use Blink Motion Events --> IFTTT --> WebCore --> a bunch of lights etc.

I am thinking about changing to something like:

Blink Motion Events --> Alexa Routine --> ST Virtual Switch --> WebCore --> a bunch of … etc

does this seam reasonable? Any other suggestions?

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This would work with RBoys camera device, you would just be swapping IFTTT to Alexa. The arm/disarm though I don’t think would as I think you can only trigger routines via motion.