[RELEASE] Blink Camera IFTTT Integration

Oh that’s not great, I guess the only other option is to use the API, there does seem to be a working driver for Hubitat https://community.hubitat.com/t/project-driver-for-blink-api/51257

There is also some documentation here which looks up to date: https://github.com/MattTW/BlinkMonitorProtocol

I can confirm those API endpoints work to arm/disarm sync modules. Tested with original XT model and new blink-mini. Considering process the API call in webCore triggering from my virtual switches. I guess I’ll leave motion alerts in IFTT for now

The last I tried with motion and IFTTT, the delay was unbelievable. Sometimes It took up to an hour to receive a motion event. How fast are you getting motion events?

It is very inconsistent. I was actually testing last night to see if it was worth keeping IFTT, response time was anywhere from 2 to 10 min. Which is why I am not paying for IFTT, I have six cameras so I am going to create a 2nd account and use the free allotment for motion until a better solution is available…or I finally lose it and trash the whole system.

Maybe the pro version allows for responses within seconds. It’s within seconds for the modules. I have 3 modules so I need six applets to arm/disarm them. Going to pay the $2 until a better solution comes out. I have 9 cameras and right now, they are pretty useless for motion events.

Ending up writing up a webCore piston for arming/disarming using the same virtual switches I created for IFTT. Two IFTT accounts to cover my six cameras for motion detection. What a convoluted process…

Link to the piston is below if anyone wants to use webCore.


So I decided to replace my gen1 XT cameras with the newest Blink Outdoor cameras and the new hardware is so nice it makes me even more sad they refuse to open up integrations to more platforms like ST.

I’ve set up my motion triggers via Alexa routine to a virtual switch to webcore, all works. Lag from 5 to 15 seconds from the time I hear the camera wake up to when my lights come on. That range of time was on the better end of what I saw when using ifttt

BTW anyone know of outdoor rated motion sensors that are zwave native? Last I looked a few years ago my options were mainly weatherproofing indoor units.

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Zooz (@TheSmartestHouse) makes one which is quite good with options to tune it in as needed.

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Hey Folks, can you please let me know what i have to do to integrate my new blink cameras in smartthings? What’s working and how is the process?

Unfortunately, Blink shut down official integration when they were purchased by Amazon. IFTTT offered applets to arm/disarm modules as well as send motion events. See @RBoy 's original post above. IFTTT has recently decided to go to a pay for service model, so depending on the number of applets, that isn’t an option for a lot of us. IFTTT has also had it’s issues, significant lag with motion detection for example.

I recently discovered an open API of blink, which can be used for arming/disarming, reducing my reliance on IFTTT. Post above. API calls are done via webCore unfortunately that too has its limitations, one way communication ST to blink.

Regardless of the method you use, it will require the creation of virtual switches/motion devices.

IFTTT is the “official” method but in a couple of days, you will only be allowed three free Applets (rules) unless you pay for a Pro account. The cost right now for that is only $2/month.

The arming/disarming of the sync modules are quick however, my experience with motion events were severely delayed. I haven’t check since upgrading to the Pro account. Hopefully it’s faster.

Other than that, there’s an API hack that people are using but it’s not two way.

It’s an Amazon thing. They are promoting Ring and handicapping Blink.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback. in the original post from R Boy there is first and IDE device handler requested with is unfortunately not accessible within the EU. How can i overcome this issue?

Br, HoDohr

Anybody been able to make this work with Blink Mini? They do not require a sync module

IFTTT and the API both work with blink mini. When setting up the blink mini, you have to option to add into a system or create a new system. If you added into a system (sync module) then it will arm/disarm along with that module. If you created a separate system, then the mini the arm/disarm independently (which is how I use them currently).

Not working for me with the latest Blink outdoor. Blink motion notification wasn’t seen on Smartthings. Likely IFTTT problem.

Can anybody help me?

Sorry bit confused, what’s the question?

Hi, i want to integrate Blink cameras to my smartthings account by using IFTTT routines. On IFTTT website i can create a rule when motion detected…then arm to blink camera etc. which is ok. But when i read the article from RBoy correctly there are more things to do. 1.) setup device handler 3.) create sync module. With my european ST account I am not able to create a device handler from repository so the quesiton is what I need to do in terms of using IFTTT for Blink camera integration?

You can create DTH on the Euro shard, if you login using the link in the first post it should redirect to the correct shard then you should be able to follow the instructions. You may need to link GitHub to enable adding repos. Alternatively you can just create a new DTH and copy paste the code in.

Hi Faze, thanks for the hint. I’ve followed the guideline from RBoy but actually I have a problem that the blink camera does not start when motions detected. Can you have a look to the screenshots? IFTT