[Release] BigTalker 2.x

If anyone is having trouble getting BigTalker 2 set-up or would like to see BigTalker 2 used with Echo Speaks I made a video on how to do both!

I still have no sound coming from Sonos, others have said the same. As others have replied here, the Sonos speakers are now showing with Audio Notifications. The app can be configured for defaults and then add

Have you been able to resolve this? If so, how?

@the_stranger, Please excuse me. I don’t know what are you talking about. Almost 3 weeks ago, I have posted here an updated version of the app called Bigtalker2-SonosMod

You are the only one who complains all around the community forum that something is not working, but meanwhile you are not reading what other people has replied to you.

If you have any problem with the aforementioned version of the SmartApp, then post here the debug from the live logging. Otherwise read what other has already wrote to you.

Thanks, while I do very much appreciate your contribution to update the Bigtalker app, I’m not the only one asking questions here. Sonos quit working as it had before, I’m just trying to understand how to solve this, if it can be solved. I did try your code, I’m not getting sound from Sonos, others reported the same and again, I was simply trying to see if others found a solution or if I had missed something. Sorry if my communication or question came across to you as complaining.

@the_stranger, Who other? Where? What is the error in the live logging when there is no sound from the Sonos?
I cannot do anything with that, “it is not working”.

Tell me what is the problem. What DH are you using, what is the error message. Make screenshots shots of the SmartApp, how you set it up. Make screenshots of the error in the live logging. Etc.

Thanks @jnewbury2280! Works great.

So @the_stranger, so far 5 days has gone and you haven’t replied with any error messages, screenshots or anything. The same has happened before. If you cannot read what other people wrote to you. And you are unable to answer the helpful questions, then please do a favor for the community and don’t post here any more issues of yours. Thanks!

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