[Release] BigTalker 2.x


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It appears that SmartThings did provide some alternate weather data when the WeatherUnderground API was deprecated 1/1/19. Those being


That said, it will require a bit of work to support those in BigTalker2. The functions and returned data is not the same as the code currently expects. The future of Groovy code for SmartThings is concerning as well so I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to rework it to use the new API’s. They also post this note on each of these API calls which concerns me that these may not remain available as well: “If you are considering the development of an application that makes extensive use of weather data, you should consider gaining direct access to APIs from a weather data provider.

More info on the weather issue: Weather API Changes

This is a change in the platform API that BigTalker (and many other apps) used to obtain the data needed for weather reports. Technically, SmartThings could write the same functions that were used with the Weather Underground integration and translate as needed to get the data to/from the new “The Weather Company” API and perhaps not break app code, but I doubt they will do that.

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Thanks for the info - yea sounds like I’m just going to remove it. Hopefully a new contender will emerge in the new world.


Ok I’m going crazy here. I literally have everything installed and working.
I can control VLC through the smartthings app with (VLC Things) with the installed code given.
I installed both codes for bigtalker and big talker child in the smart things site. Both state they are working properly.

I can’t seem for the life of me to figure out how to use everything now. Where do I get the bigtalker app? Theres a video on youtube that shows the steps as well and it informs me to go to the marketplace on the smartthings app, which I can’t seem to find?

Realistically at this point I can get essentially only get one event to happen as all I can make my automation do is play or pause vlc for a single file from the smartthings app on my phone.

Not sure what I’m missing and/or where I’m going wrong! Help please and thank you!

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You are probably using the new SmartThings App. Go to your app store and look for the SmartThings Classic app. From what I have read it appears that custom apps can only be installed and configured from withing the classic app.


Yup you’re right. That’s a bummer. I can find it now however now I just keep getting an error, “something’s wrong - we cant load your screen right now.”

Also, is there a location everyone is getting the sounds for their automation tasks? Any idea where to get a dog barking sound?

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I host a few for your use. See this post