[RELEASE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

I didn’t have a reservation or port forwarding set, but I was using the current assigned IP address. Nonetheless, I set up both and retried. No joy.
Everything’s on the same network and Use/install Blue Iris Server” is on. Firewall is set to let BlueIris in and out.
The Blue Iris app on my phone works just fine so I know the information is getting out. In fact, I can call up the BlueIris server IP in my browser on my phone and I can get in that way as well.
If it’s any help, I’m using the SmartThings WiFi mesh as my WiFi connection and that’s where I set up the reservation and port forwarding.

The Camera feed function is beta at best."
Understood. Disappointing, but understood.

I’m looking for a little help with a couple of problems I’m having.

I had BI Fusion set up and working well a few of weeks ago with just a couple cameras to test it out and get a feel for what I could do with it. I had then been upgrading my network (new router and switch) and upgrading/buying new cameras for around my house. Now only one of the cameras I had set up before is working (expected some problems like this), and BI Fusion is giving me a hard time updating settings.

I keep getting an “Error Saving Page” error on the top of the screen in the app when I try to save the main page after updating settings. This is (I think) leading me to not be able to update much of anything. I can’t delete cameras or the server (tried in the ST app, the BI Fusion smartapp page, and in smarthings IDE) and even though it says they were removed, nothing actually happens. I tried updating the password for the server but it won’t actually save the change. I tried fully “removing” the BI Fusion app, but I get an “An unecpected error occurred” error on the top of the page. I tried adding new cameras and it won’t save them either.

I wont pretend that I’m an expert, so any help would be appreciated, even just uninstalling so that I can start from scratch.

Thanks in advance.

@AJCam44… open your Smartthings page in an “Incognito” or “Private” browser page.

Hey sorry it started giving you issues. I’m about 99.9% positive what is going on. The BI Fusion app installs camera “devices” and updates them as you update settings, but deleting cameras can become a real mess, because it does a lot of error checks to make sure everything is installed correctly. The solution is not to actually remove or delete cameras, just change the short name and display name of the one you’d like to remove to the name of the new camera. I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to remove cameras, but renaming works.

The other thing you can try is to turn on the “Do not delete old camera devices?” switch in BI Settings>Clue Iris Camera Installation. It’ll stop trying to keep your camera device list clean and will let you save the settings as you click “done” out of them. It comes at a cost of abandoned camera devices in your device list. But once you’ve saved out of settings, you can go to those devices individually, make sure they aren’t associated with any other smartapps (because otherwise SmartThings will prevent you from removing them), and then delete them yourself. Just pay attention to your naming scheme so you don’t try delete a camera you are actually using (although if you do, and it actually lets you, you’d just have to go into BI Fusion settings and save them again, and it’ll remake the device).

Since you’re setting it all up and expanding right now, I wouldn’t try use the camera devices in any other smartapp until you get them all added, that will at least simplify the removing process if you need to.

The error in trying to remove the app is likely the same issue, it’s getting hung up trying to delete camera devices, which are likely associated with a smartapp so SmartThings fails the deletion, throwing the error you see. Turning that switch above on, saving, and then going back into delete the app and start over ought to work for you.

Last ditch efforts include going into the IDE device list and removing apps and devices there, and you can also call SmartThings and have them delete them. They can override everything, but I hope you don’t have to go that route.

Let me know if you still have issues, hope it works for you soon.

Alright, that narrows it down quite a bit, thanks! Can you make sure “Debug Logging On?” is set to on under Advanced Settings in the BI Fusion settings, open a browser with the Live Logging Page of the SmartThings API, and then go back into settings, click “Done” to close them, wait 30 seconds or so, then tap refresh on the BI Server device tile, and then go to a camera and tap record? Then grab screenshots (or copy and paste) of the logs for BI Fusion, the BI Server device, and the camera you used, and PM them to me and I’ll take a look? Please line out your IP, Username, and password in those logs so they don’t get posted.

Seems like you have Blue Iris set up properly if you can see the page on another device, and it sounds like your settings are good in BI Fusion too, so I hope I can see what is happening exactly when you get those errors.

@JMZ , I am not following how to setup Motion Alert or what it is intended for. Do you have any material you can refer me to? Can you also provide me a bit more information regarding the BI Fusion Custom Camera Trigger and what it is typically used for. Much appreciated.

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