[RELEASE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

Yeah, I’ve done a little more research into this and it doesn’t seem as straightforward as I’d hoped:

I just don’t feel comfortable leaving my current laptop on all the time.

Has anyone on here had any luck with using a NAS with Blue Iris? Or can recommend a cheap PC or something else for this purpose? That’s also affordable to run?

(Also managed to stop my camera from constantly recording by deleting it and reinstalling)

If Blue Iris would work with a PI board, running on Linux, would make this a whole lot easier and cheaper. However since BI is so CPU and hard drive intensive just not sure who it worked even if they put something together

Yeah I’ve seen some set ups where people have installed it on a Raspberry Pi in a Docker Container:

But not sure if it runs completely efficiently.

So long story short, i had to completely reset my ST hub. Prior to the reset, i had BI fusion running and syncing profiles. I am just now getting to reloading BI Fusion and keep running into an “unexpected error”.

After going through all of the prompts for the BI Fusion Smartapp (BI server settings, linking the profiles, and naming my cameras), i get a notice that “an unexpected error has occurred” whenever i try to save the changes.

Like i said, i had this set-up running fine prior to resetting my ST hub and have not made any changes to my BI server set-up since the smartapp was running.

I also tried reinstalling the codebase for the apps & DTH through the IDE and no luck. Thoughts on what else to try in order to get this smartapp working again?

That sucks you had to reset your hub! Talk about a lot of work… Which settings page are you on when you get the error trying to save? The main one or one of the sub pages (or both)? Also, if you open the API logging webpage, then go into the BI Fusion settings pages and try set it up and get the error, there should be a more detailed error message in the API log. Can you post that? Hopefully that helps us figure out where the error lies.

ok, i checked the API logging page and saw an error about “device mismatch”. So i reloaded the code base for the server DTH & Smartapp and that got it working. I guess i missed one the other day when i tried to update them.

Everything is working now though, so thanks for the help!

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@JMZ after updating to the latest code the motion stopped working. The logs show the camera switching from active to inactive correctly while there is motion, but the device doesn’t change. Since the device doesn’t change it doesn’t run my core pistons. Any ideas?

Found this in the camera log:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replaceAll() on null object @line 139 (active)
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replaceAll() on null object @line 144 (inactive)

UPDATE: working now somehow. I think it may have been related to the hub update they pushed out.

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I’m trying to get my camera to send me a picture via text message or email when my doorbell is pushed.

I have a camera looking at the doorbell. I have a z-wave contact sensor connected to my doorbell. Can I add a snapshot from the camera to the notifications I already get from BI Fusion? Can I somehow use the DIO inputs in Blue Iris to trigger an alert which would send me a snapshot?

Nevermind. Got it.

Hello. When trying to add the app into SmartThings Classic, I flip the switch for BI server and enter the requested information. I do not get a Save option at the upper right in the title bar. I press the left button in the title bar and I can see a screen flash, but it is too quick for me to see and then I am taken back to the SmartThings automation window and BI Fusion does not show as an app.

Thoughts ?

My issue has been solved by having the SmartThings Hub and Blue Iris Server on the same subnet. The instructions say “same” network - and I interpreted the quotes to mean routable subnets, and not a guest network or something similar…

but in fact they did need to be on the same subnet/vlan for the first time configuration of BI Fusion. Once the app installed in SmartThings, I was able to separate ST Hub and Blue Iris server to different networks, changing the IP address in BI Fusion and it continues to work with no issue.

Super interesting. Not sure why that it, but could be some ST thing not in the documentation.

You’re right! As long as the two can talk you should be good. The commands go directly from the hub to the BI computer (and vice versa). But that doesn’t necessarily mean the exact same network. Weird that you had to use the same network though for initial setup.

Glad you got it to work out though, hope it serves you well!

Hello All,

Looking for some support as i havent seen anhting similar posted here (or maybe iim not looking hard enough).

When trying to access live feeds I get an error “Camera cannot be found. We are trying to connect.”

The IDE Log spits out this error:

8:53:13 AM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.SmartAppException: Not Found

I made sure the SmartApp and DTH we’re up to date from GitHub and still getting the same error.

Can’t seem to get this working. Installation appears correct, with BI Fusion and BI Triggers apps and the two device handlers showing up in the IDE. After installing, I see the BI Server and my three cameras as things in the SmartThings app. However, the BI Server only shows “checking status” and when I attempt to refresh it, I get an “A network or server error occurred. Try again later” message. The tile panel looks as follows:

Any thoughts? I’ve already checked the IP settings umpteen times.

Do the credentials your using have administrative rights inside BI?

Yes they do.

Did you disable the Use Secure Session Keys option on your BI server, see the FAQ section under How to Install at the top of this page?

Yes. I followed the instructions to the letter. (Use secure session keys was never enabled. I looked to be sure though.)
I’ve tried it twice now, following through the How To Install a line at a time.
Still no joy.

The Camera feed function is beta at best. I only know of a few folks it works for (it doesn’t for me and I wrote it). SmartThings doesn’t actively support third party camera feeds, so it’s almost impossible to code for them. I’ve left it in there for those folks it works for, but I recommend using the Blue Iris mobile app for viewing video since it’s faster to load, works natively, and you can also view clips, alert images, etc in it…stuff I’d never be able to code into SmartThings (plus you’d still have to hit all the clicks just to get it to start showing). The theory behind BI Fusion is to have SmartThings be able to trigger your cameras for you, and also notify you that something is wrong. You’d see the text or push notification, and pull up the Blue Iris app to see what’s happening. Plus it keeps the two modes in sync so you don’t have to manage them in two places, and you can use your Blue Iris cameras as motion sensors for SmartThings. Sorry it doesn’t work, but it isn’t anything you are doing wrong, it’s just an unsupported function.

Looks like @Terk has hit some good things to check already, sorry it’s still not working. Both your SmartThings hub and Blue Iris computer are on the same network, right? (VLAN, etc too, they talk directly using HTTP PUSH commands since you’re using the server device type handler). Make sure in BI Fusion’s settings, “Blue Iris Server Settings” that “Use/install Blue Iris Server” is on, that your username and password are typed exactly because they are case sensitive, and that the IP is just the IP address and nothing else (should be something like Also, make sure that your Blue Iris computer has an address reservation set up on your router so that it’s IP never changes on your network. If you have a second computer, try typing in the address to view the Blue Iris web server, that’ll help you make sure the IP and username/password are all correct. Just type the IPaddress:PortNumber (so like, or whatever you have set up).

Hope some of that helps, I’ll try to think of other things too, sorry you’re having so much trouble.

There is also a possibility that the Windows Firewall is blocking incoming connections to the port BI uses, trying to connect to the BI web server from another machine as @JMZ suggested will tell you if that is an issue or not.