[RELEASE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

It looks like you copied the device type handler (DTH) code into the smartapp area of the IDE. Make sure you are in the Device Type Handler area, and either create from code there, or use the repository. Repository should work fine, I think you may just have been in the smartapp tab and not the DTH tab. Lemme know.

Sorry, they don’t work for me either, but since you had them working and don’t anymore, it sounds like the SmartThings video feed in there thinks you’re accessing the cameras remotely, and it only works locally. Likely that’s why I’ve never had the video feeds work inside SmartThings. It is only a beta part of the app, SmartThings doesn’t support third party camera code at all, it’s just what other developers have figured out. I really suggest using the Blue Iris app for viewing your feeds. It has a ton of features and works really well. I’d never be able to get the BI Fusion app to support as much image and video features. They’re really meant to just complement each other.

Bad news — I just rebooted my ISP modem for the first time since I implemented the DNS proxy for my IP address, and it didn’t work. I must have done something wrong. Grrr. Let me figure out what I did wrong first, then I’m happy to help.

You might just need to give it a moment. The shortest interval I can set for my DDNS is 10 minutes I think, so if the IP changes, I have to wait that long before the DDNS service sees the change. Hope it’s as easy as that, but lots of times it’s not…

It seems to be faster at recognizing the change when I run the DDNS updater on my router instead of on my computer, but it’s all a matter of what router firmware capabilities it has.

I’m having trouble removing Blue Iris Fusion from my SmartThings installation. I really just needed to change the IP of my server, but I think when I did that it messed up the SmartApp. I’ve tried removing all cameras and the server “Thing” from all SmartApps, but I’m still getting an error message when I try to delete the Blue Iris Fusion SmartApp saying the device is still in use. Any ideas?

You should be able to make it work if you just update you settings to the new IP and then go to the server device and click refresh. But if that didn’t work and you want a clean install, it sounds like you’re doing everything right. If it let you remove all the cameras and the server device, when you open the smartapp settings you should be able to click remove.

Since it sounds like that doesn’t work, first go to the “Blue Iris Camera Installation” section of settings and turn off “Install Cameras.” Then go to the “Blue iris Server Settings” section and turn off “Use/install Blue Iris Server.” If those are left on, it might be trying to install them again right before it starts the uninstall process, which would give you that error.

If none of those work, email SmartThings Support. They can forcibly remove a smart app from your account. Once they do, double check that all the camera and server devices are gone before you try reinstall BI Fusion. Hope that helps, let me know.


Thanks for the hardwork… Works great.

Have question. I setup the camera motion triggers to send me a notification for multiple cameras. Those camera names are based on the location.

When I get an SMS it just say says “Camera Motion Active”. The previous version of BI Fusion at least texted you the camera motion sensor name on which it triggered. Also logged in notification logs, it also says “camera motion active”.

Is there a way to change the wording of the SMS to send additional info or at least which sensor was tripped?

Thanks in advance.

Im having trouble with on of the 3 camera’s i added into Fusion resting to “Motion Inactive” It seems to randomly get “stuck” in the Motion Active state. Any idea on what to look for troubleshooting steps ?

The most common issue is a typo in the alert URLs in Blue Iris. Make sure you changed “active” to “inactive” and that each pair of alert URLs for each camera have the right camera name. I had the same issues the first time because I just copied and pasted the URLs, but in a few instances I forgot to make it “inactive” and in a couple others I forgot to type in the right camera name. (that’s why I added the different ways to copy and paste the URLs!).

Double check that stuff, and while you’re there check the wait time in the alert settings, I set mine down to 0.2 minutes in most cases. Then to confirm it worked, you’ll have to trigger the camera (walk in front of it or whatever) to trigger the alert first, then wait for the timer to count out to see if you get the inactive state. Let me know how it goes!

Sorry for the delay, I just pushed v1.5 for the camera DTH, which adds the camera name to the notifications. Please let me know if this does what you want.

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Thank you for the change. I did the update the DTH and i see its working!

I’m using “notify me” to send me text messages. The way it’s displaying the message, is it’s showing “[Camera short name] Camera Motion Is active”. Rather than the short name being used, (which is rather restrictive), could you use the Display name value field that is inputted in the blue iris app instead? I think it gives more freedom to write out meaningful names/description for the device.

Thanks in advance.

So it looks like adding the display name in the device handler is deprecated. The documentation has examples that use it, but it doesn’t work when I test it.

I was able to add it a different method, but it strips any spaces in the display name before it displays it (only in the notification, the rest is unchanged). There is an update for both the camera DTH and BI Fusion smartapp. BI Fusion also gets the ability to add timestamps to the notifications.

Also, the more I look at it, the more it doesn’t make sense to put any name in the event text, because the app generating the message should be pulling the device display name (the app now does regardless). I tested it with Super Notifier (greatly expanded and improved over “notify me”), and the default message does return the display name with the motion. I’m not sure why Notify Me doesn’t do that, but it is an old basic app so it isn’t too surprising. It may be a lot of work to change your notifier app, but I’d take a look at Super Notifier. It is a lot more capable (but I’m biased since I wrote it;-).

I updated both the DTH and the App. Testing by triggering and i’m getting this:

ad374289-f2c4-4d0d-afec-cc90fc4444ce 12:39:08 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replaceAll() on null object @line 144 (inactive)

ad374289-f2c4-4d0d-afec-cc90fc4444ce 12:39:08 PM: info Cam01 Motion ‘inactive’

ad374289-f2c4-4d0d-afec-cc90fc4444ce 12:38:26 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replaceAll() on null object @line 139 (active)

ad374289-f2c4-4d0d-afec-cc90fc4444ce 12:38:26 PM: info Cam01 Motion ‘active’

I’ll see how this works and I’ll look into your Super Notifier. Thank for the bias suggestion! lol.

Shoot, I forgot to mention, you definitely need to open up BI Fusion settings and save them again, so that it reinitializes the app. It is good practice to do that whenever you update any app, but definitely required for this one. BI Fusion has to pass the display name to the device during initialization, otherwise the device won’t have that property and give you that error.

Thank you. That did do the trick.

My “FrontDoor” is now in the Notification.

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I’m a little rusty. What’s the update procedure?

First log into the API, go to the “My Device Handlers” tab, click on “Update from Repo,” choose “jmzSmartThings,” and then choose “Blue Iris Camera” handler and click update. Then do the same for the “My SmartApps” tab and “Blue Iris Fusion” app.

That updates the code in your system. Then on your phone, open the BI Fusion smartapp (as if you were going to change your settings), and click “Done” in the top right. That will reinitialize the app and devices so they work with the new changes.

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Thank you, followed your instructions, and I believe it’s all working still.

Both should be published, correct? Not sure I know the effect of published/unpublished.

Do I need any of the items that say “New (only in GitHub)”? What are those?

Thanks again for this amazing work. Using the cameras as triggers has been amazing.

You really only need to publish the main BI Fusion smartapp. Publishing just determines whether it will show up in the list of “My Apps” when you go to add smartapps on your phone. I usually publish everything, but that just clutters up your My Apps section when you’re trying to install stuff.

Those would be other smartapps or device handlers I have in my Github repository that you don’t have installed in your account. I wrote Super Notifier (a beefed up and cleaned up version of “Notify Me” and “Remind me if left open”) and some other things. You only need to install what you want to use, as long as you have all 4 components of BI Fusion.

I have read through this thread till my head hurts. Been trying to get the video to show up from my Blue Iris cameras on my phone when selecting one of them from my things. Is there a definitive answer on whether this works correctly and consistently. Tried a bunch of things and still see Camera unavailable.