[RELEASE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing



It looks like you copied the device type handler (DTH) code into the smartapp area of the IDE. Make sure you are in the Device Type Handler area, and either create from code there, or use the repository. Repository should work fine, I think you may just have been in the smartapp tab and not the DTH tab. Lemme know.


Sorry, they don’t work for me either, but since you had them working and don’t anymore, it sounds like the SmartThings video feed in there thinks you’re accessing the cameras remotely, and it only works locally. Likely that’s why I’ve never had the video feeds work inside SmartThings. It is only a beta part of the app, SmartThings doesn’t support third party camera code at all, it’s just what other developers have figured out. I really suggest using the Blue Iris app for viewing your feeds. It has a ton of features and works really well. I’d never be able to get the BI Fusion app to support as much image and video features. They’re really meant to just complement each other.

(Mark) #331

Bad news — I just rebooted my ISP modem for the first time since I implemented the DNS proxy for my IP address, and it didn’t work. I must have done something wrong. Grrr. Let me figure out what I did wrong first, then I’m happy to help.


You might just need to give it a moment. The shortest interval I can set for my DDNS is 10 minutes I think, so if the IP changes, I have to wait that long before the DDNS service sees the change. Hope it’s as easy as that, but lots of times it’s not…

It seems to be faster at recognizing the change when I run the DDNS updater on my router instead of on my computer, but it’s all a matter of what router firmware capabilities it has.

(Caleb Edwards) #333

I’m having trouble removing Blue Iris Fusion from my SmartThings installation. I really just needed to change the IP of my server, but I think when I did that it messed up the SmartApp. I’ve tried removing all cameras and the server “Thing” from all SmartApps, but I’m still getting an error message when I try to delete the Blue Iris Fusion SmartApp saying the device is still in use. Any ideas?


You should be able to make it work if you just update you settings to the new IP and then go to the server device and click refresh. But if that didn’t work and you want a clean install, it sounds like you’re doing everything right. If it let you remove all the cameras and the server device, when you open the smartapp settings you should be able to click remove.

Since it sounds like that doesn’t work, first go to the “Blue Iris Camera Installation” section of settings and turn off “Install Cameras.” Then go to the “Blue iris Server Settings” section and turn off “Use/install Blue Iris Server.” If those are left on, it might be trying to install them again right before it starts the uninstall process, which would give you that error.

If none of those work, email SmartThings Support. They can forcibly remove a smart app from your account. Once they do, double check that all the camera and server devices are gone before you try reinstall BI Fusion. Hope that helps, let me know.