[RELEASE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

Yes, based on how ST can access BI with HTTP commands. Blue Iris added MQTT after BI Fusion was written, and that would likely be the solution, but requires a complete overhaul of BI Fusion and I simply don’t have time to do that. The solution @sflamm posted and I have part of on my Github docs let you us BI Fusion remotely instead of locally, which can solve your problem.

Yes, ST completely changed the way device type handlers must be built, and has very little documentation on how to do it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to update it to get the old functionality back, but you only lose the status and ability to manually change them from the app. The syncing and everything is still working fine.

Bi Fusion is syncing your BI profile with ST’s location mode (e.g. home/away), not SHM status (e.g. armed/disarmed). Make sure whatever is changing your SHM status is also changing your mode. If you manually change it, make sure you are changing the mode too, not just the SHM status. There is no way for a smartapp to access the SHM status (or at least there wasn’t and they changed it in the new app so likely there still isn’t), so BI Fusion is only tied to location mode. I just have things trigger my routine (not scene) to change both the mode and the SHM status.

Enter the settings from BI Fusion’s SmartApp settings, not the device’s settings. The device settings area is from BI Fusion v2.0 and wasn’t removed in case anyone was still using only v2.0. I just checked and it works fine from the new app’s SmartApp settings area. Let me know if you are still having issues.

@Chadly_K What broke? I migrated and everything works except the BI Server device status pages, but everything else works fine (that status page only helps you manually change BI Profiles, which you can do by running a scene). Let me know so I can see if there is a fix.

@Jani It does work with the new app! Looks like you understand the profile idea just fine. BI fusion just automates syncing the BI Profile to the ST mode, assuming that your ST modes change automatically, so with BI Fusion your Blue Iris profiles would change with it. You can totally set it up via webcore as you describe also. BI fusion just gives you more capability by creating a device within ST for each BI camera so you can use it as a motion sensor and trigger it from other automations directly too. For your 1st question, you just send the command twice or add the “lock” parameter to the HTTP code (Param “&lock=0/1/2” makes profile changes as: run/temp/hold, use 2 to hold the change). For question 3, that is exactly what BI Fusion is for. Just make a trigger in BI fusion to trigger your camera when the doorbell is pressed. Or, with BI Fusion installed each camera is a device, so you can use any other automation app to do the same thing. I use Super Notifier to “turn on” my porch camera when the doorbell is pressed. BI Fusion makes my camera a virtual device that looks like a switch to the rest of smartthings, and when I turn it on, BI Fusion trigger the camera in Blue Iris, waits 10 seconds, then turns the “switch” off so it’s ready to trigger again. You can do this in webcore too as you describe. For the snapshot in email thing, that’s a Blue Iris thing, not something within SmartThings or BI Fusion, so you’d have to ask them. I just have my snapshots save to a dropbox folder, so if I get the notification and I want to see what is up, I can just look at Dropbox on my phone or log into the camera feed directly from the Blue Iris app.


Hey all. I’m looking to get started with this, but I’ve already hit a snag, and I’ve only just learned to create a SmartApp from code. This probably doesn’t bode well, but I’m going to push on through. :slight_smile:

When trying to create the Server & Camera DTH apps, I’m getting the following error after pasting in the code and clicking “create”. I admit I’m a noob when it comes to the coding for this - can anyone direct me how to fix it? Thanks!

No signature of method: script_app_metadata_f92d5c76_c34e_4cc2_9d8b_5b624901c649.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_f92d5c76_c34e_4cc2_9d8b_5b624901c649$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_f92d5c76_c34e_4cc2_9d8b_5b624901c649$_run_closure1@476951da] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)


New to syncing profiles… a couple questions:

  1. If you use the “auto sync bi profile to st mode” - does it try to find a BI profile with the same name as the ST mode you are currently in?

  2. It says you can optionally specify BI profile names and has “BI Inactive, Profile 1, 2, 3” as options. How do you know which ST mode these correspond to?

  3. Is the sync BI-DIRECTIONAL? e.g. if I change BI mode will it also change ST mode? Can this be done? (e.g. BI geo-fence used to set “away” mode in ST)

Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue and realized the first two were apps and the other two were device handlers which have their own tab.

but then again I could be completely wrong seeing how I am having issues too, I was able to add the codes but it wont show up on my phone under the apps portion.

I followed the steps to the best of my ability, I have added the two apps and give the OAuth to the Bi Fusion app and also added the two device handlers.

Now when I open the app on my phone I can’t seem to find anything related to BI.


Oh geez, thank you garciam, I didn’t realize there was a separate tab for device handlers and was trying to add those to the apps. That got me squared away, thank you!

If you haven’t gotten it to show up, make sure that the BI Fusion app is published (your hub should be showing when you click on the “My Hubs” tab before you publish (mine wasn’t pulling in and I had to republish). Then you’ll need to hit the “+” in the SmartThings Smart Apps section and BI Fusion should be all the way on the bottom. :slight_smile:

I think that’s my issue since I dint see it under “My Hubs” and I deleted my location by mistake so now I got wayyyy more work to do.

I wish there were ways to save all the settings so if something like this happens you can easily reload.

Hi - I’m a long time user of Blue Iris, but trying to get more home automation going. I’m trying to use SmartThings as the vehicle and installed BI Fusion. I am stumped on Motion Detection.

Camera Motion - I don’t seem to be able to get this working. I entered the URL for the camera motion, changed the the name to the camera short name, etc. It doesn’t seem to work. I copied and pasted the URL into a browser address and I got the following error - it looks like it doesn’t like the token.


I grabbed the URL address from the live logging and double checked the token - then generated a new token. Still get the error above.

I haven’t seen any logged traffic going to Blue Iris. Just whatever I generate in the ST app.

I was able to generate the camera devices from the SmartApp and when I turn the camera on in ST App, I see the camera trigger in BI, but that’s about it.

Any thoughts or hints to debug this?


Did you change the short cam name in the URL? Make sure it is correctly capitilzed as well…that was my problem when I started.


With the IDE going away at some point do we know if BIF is going to be updated to the new API? Figure it is difficult to know at this point but with Deepstack integration my motion alerts have become extremely reliable and I want to go to town with automations haha. However, if the API is just going to kill them as it did with many other community based Apps I may hold off. Hope not, this is my favorite smart app by far.

Glad you like it! I’ve enjoyed using it and making it. Unless the documentation comes out much clearer and organized, I don’t plan on converting it over to the new platform. I just don’t have the time to learn it and build it. We’ll see how long it stays working, but so far it has. I haven’t really kept up with SmartThings news though either. Life has just steered me away from these projects.

If someone out there wants to take it in and bring it into the next version that’d be awesome.

I apologize in advance if the solution is somewhere in this thread. I looked through many pages and didn’t find it. I’ve been a user of ST/WebCore for many years, but new to Blue Iris.

Issue: I’ve installed the apps and device handlers per the instructions and am confident I did this correctly. But, the profile sync is not working. Must be something wrong with the BI server since I can see the call being made in the logs from ST, but nothing on the BI side.

-I setup a new user in BI with admin access
-I’ve tried using server and local connection, no luck with either
-Using my local IP address (192.168…; tried with and without the “http://”)
-No special characters in my username and password for BI
-BI profiles are mapped to ST location modes via the BI Fusion app in ST

Just want to make sure I’m looking for the correct result: when I change a ST location mode, in BI on my PC I’m expecting the profile on the top of the screen to sync and change with it (the dropdown with colored profile)…is this correct?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

If I don’t care about being able to have smart things trigger blue iris recording and I only want motion alerts from blue iris to smart things (bi fusion) do I have to enable the less secure login?

Hi ,
Not sure that the problem I’m having is at the app side or blue iris side but :
I installed the app base on the documentation and it created 3 camera motion and switches .
When I press the switch I don’t see anything happen at the blue iris side .
I set debug mode and saw the command it passes

GET /admin?camera=back_yardHD&trigger&user=XX&pw=XXX HTTP/1.1
Accept: /
User-Agent: Linux UPnP/1.0 SmartThings
HOST: 192.XXX.XX.XX:81
When I paste it to chrome I see a new jpeg image on blue iris (Don’t know why it’s not recording video ).

I did unchecked "use secure session keys and login page " on blue iris settings .

Any Idea ?

Anyone ???

Does anyone have an update on whether or not this API to going to kill this App? Is there a date when the IDE is going away?

Has anyone figured out how to have BI send DeepStack’s type (person, car, etc.) on through to BI Fusion? Stumping me. It appears that a motion on/off is all there is?

@TAustin created two edge drivers and a forwarding bridge that can replace much of the functionality (all for my use case) of this smartapp, and do it all LOCAL!

With Web Requestor I have the BI server Profiles switching based on SmartThings location mode changes (e.g. ST changes to Away, set BI Profile to 1) and triggering cameras based on SmartThings events (e.g. opening door triggers a camera). See post 73 for a few hints related to BI.

With his LAN Motion Driver and Forwarding Bridge driver, you can use your cameras as motion sensors just like the current integration (setting up ‘on alerts’ and ‘on reset’ trigger events with local URL to bridge server, which forwards them to the hub vice to smartthings api forwarding to hub) to inform your hub, through the Forwarding Bridge, that motion has occured and/or stopped.

I’ve been using both setups for a relatively short period of time, but they have both worked perfectly in that time.


A huge thank you for your drive on this. Your work with @TAustin is nothing short of astounding. I’m no developer so I greatly appreciate this work. It’s people like you 2 (and all the other Edge and DTH devs) who spend time to help improve and extend capabilities with zero expectations of compensation that demonstrate what a community can achieve.

Thanks again for all the hard work!


Thank for this app. I am new to this and I am having difficulty getting ST to relay the Modes to BI (HOME/AWAY/NIGHT). I haven’t even begun to start on motion, not a high interest to me yet. I not sure where to start trouble shooting this. DHT has BI camera and server, Smart Apps has BI Fusion published and Trigger unpublished. I see the cameras on the app for motion only. Maybe they aren’t really talking yet? I do have my BI IP address in there and its on the same network.