Anyone else try foolishly to switch over to the official integration? I just did and not only did it not discover my devices, but it reset the room on ALL of my devices to the default room. Caused me to have to waste an hour reconfiguring my entire environment.

The official integration does not work

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I just ordered some Awair Elements based on the recommendation of some folks here - does anyone have (or maybe take) screenshots of what this DTH looks like in the new ST iOS app?

Awesome! Thanks, this looks like just the thing. Looking forward to getting my sensors. Appreciate the hard work here :grinning:

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Not sure how others are handling this, but if you want temps to be displayed in Fahrenheit, you also need to replace line 414-415 in the SmartApp with:

                def tmp = it.value.toDouble()
            	def tempValue = 9 * (tmp / 5) + 32
            childDevice?.sendEvent(name: "temperature", value: tempValue.round(1) as Integer, unit: "F")

Given the recent news in Indoor air quality monitor options? that Awair is apparently dropping SmartThings support, any idea if this custom DTH will continue to work?

The official dth did not work anyway.
This dth will continue to work as it uses the awair developer api.

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Not sure if this is the right forum (new to the community), but I got the DTH and smart app working well and it looks great. I was wondering if anyone uses ActionTiles and has been able to incorporate the AQI standard from Smarthings into this DTH and how would you do it? Then, I can display this tile in ActionTiles with AQI rather than just temp/humidity and carbon.

Heya, I’m trying to use your branch of the SmartApp because I got the Element devices; but when I input the API token the ST iOS app immediately barfs with “something went wrong, please try to install the SmartApp again” - seen this before?

Edit: I can see in the Groovy log that it’s looking for the Awair-R2 DTH, which isn’t the one you published for the Element. Not sure if it’ll help but I will install the full suite of DTH’s from OP.

Yeah, the original dev updated to support the element, so use that. Only change you need to do still is the Fahrenheit conversion code if you want that.

Yep, that did it. Needed to load the Awair-R2 DTH from @OhJungTae in addition to your Awair-Element and it connected properly. Everything seems to look awesome!

One question; any advice on how to change the primary stat on the device tile from humidity to the air quality score?

Edit again: Oops, parallel threads here, sorry @swamplynx . Do you mean I should use OP’s SmartApp and DTH both?

You can use both, but if you want temp in F, I believe you still need to edit those lines in the SA.

As far as changing the dashboard tile, that is much more involved as a new presentation vid needs to be generated to work with the new app. If the original dev doesn’t do that, I’ll probably give it a whirl eventually.

Roger that, exactly what I did. Thanks for posting the fix, hope it gets incorporated into the official app (works immaculately).

Is it possible to refresh more frequently than every 5 minutes?

You could edit the SA to do that, but will likely hit the daily quota on API queries Awair has on cloud requests.

The devices also support local queries with no limit. I’m using a Homebridge plugin that goes that route. I may try to rewrite this integration one day to use local queries.

Yeah, local queries every minute would be better

Allows the smartthings to operate the awair device as local. I will organize and upload it soon.

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이 기능을 추가할 것입니까?

yes, It’s been a long time since Korean users used the awair locally.
you can use DTH made by users of the Korean SmartThings community.
Below is the github link:

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