[Release] Assistant Relay V3.3 Beta

You need Cast-web-api.

Got it :slight_smile:

The chromecasts turn on

How would you specify a specific radio stream from Cast-Web-Api? like if you wanted to play Spotify, how would you do that?

They’re like DLNA speakers no? I just send radio urls to them with webCoRE and they play.

tried that, but I dont get playback information in my actiontiles and that is my goal.

A network steam? Yes, I know you can do that. I mean sending it content the same way that you would through the Google Assistant. Like when you say “Hey google, play spotify” or “Play pandora”, etc. That’s what i was referring to.

Oh, I don’t use Spotify/Pandora/Diesel/Tidal, that’s a young man’s game.

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At the end of the day I would like to get playback information to actiontiles. So if there are a way to do that I would like to hear about it.

You cannot do that with GAR or with Cast-web-api.

So the only Way to start a Radio playback on chromecast is from a Google Home with Voice?

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i searched the thread and haven’t seen this asked, is there a way to better sync multiple google homes? there’s a norticable echo if I broadcast multiple google homes.

use cast-web smarapp

When you say “radio playback”, what exactly do you mean? A network stream or something like Spotify?

This does not work to start anything except a network stream.

I would like to have the Assistant Relay or cast web api to act like when I talk to my google home at have it start a Spotify list or a Tunein radio station.

In the description for this service it should act like a google home device. Therefore I believe that it should be possible to sent a cast message to it and it should begin to cast on selected device.

You cannot do this with GAR or Cast-web api.

You cannot. It is a limitation of the Assistant SDK which this is based on .

@Ryan780 any solution to make my google home’s sync better? it’s basically a delay where one announces and then another announces a second later

Unfortunately, no.

If you want all your Google Home’s to announce something in sync, then you need to use Cast-Web-Api, regular TTS messaging, the trade off is it won’t resume what was playing, if you use Broadcast messaging, it will be out of sync, but resume what was playing.

Do you know how to do this in another way then?

All my Google homes announces mostly at same time. Sometimes there is 0,5sec delay between two of them. I suppose it could be more of a local network issue if delay is longer.