[Release] Assistant Relay V3.3 Beta

Looks like there might be progress in broadcasts to individual rooms!!! This didn’t work on my setup when broadcasting from a Google speaker or my Android phone so I didn’t bother trying from AR yet. But how much you wanna bet that this feature is locked out of the SDK so won’t work for AR?

This is not my DTH, it was created by https://community.smartthings.com/u/Ryan780, so he would need to upload.


@Ryan780 @Danabw where is the DTH for Google Home speakers, I have tried looking everywhere. I’m having issues using [catt scan] so I’ve been sending HTTP post requests using WebCoRe and everything works fine, but instead of trying to change volume params and adding seperate JSON params for each speaker (I can only use IP addresses) I was hopign for something simple and it seems like the DTH would work great if I can integrate into ST. Sorry for all of the questions especially if it’s posted somewhere but I can’t find it using all of my Google-fu.

THANK YOU what an amazing tool. Hope you both start working for Google so we can get some great tools and integrations.

I’m not involved in any of the Assitant Relay development, @Hooverand, so can’t help you w/your questions. Sorry.