[RELEASE] Ask Alexa

On the Interfaces tab in the alexa developer console

It looks like graph smartthings is having a difficult time tonight could that cause the skill response I am getting. The very first time I attempted to turn on office after updating my json file I got my sonos to turn on

May want to try tomorrow if SmartThings is having issues…

Thanks Michael, this was working like a charm once smartthings was over the issues that I was seeing the other night

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I did my first macro triggering a webcore piston it was a great success but it didn’t run any aliases and my 2nd new macro didn’t work at all, didn’t trigger webcore piston.


I also tried to change the encircled part to any device and actions but didn’t work, same with IFTTT, I checked the url of IFTTT and run it through the google chrome, it was good and running well.

@MichaelS help please

Sorry for the delay in responding. I am not clear on what you are attempting to accomplish here. Can you go into a bit more detail?

Hi there,
I’m about a month in with SmartThings as it has only just reached Australasia. Also excited to discover Ask Alexa after being properly disappointed with standard interactions between Alexa and SmartThings. I admit I was a little daunted by the setup, but the instructions are very detailed and I muddled through with care. Its clear though that I’ve done something wrongly at some point.

One thing I noted along the way was that the lambda setup screen differ slightly from the instructions in terms of the execution role.

I used the EU (Ireland) location for the setup, but didn’t really understand what the impact of that might be for me in New Zealand.

When testing in console I don’t believe I’m getting any activity from Ask Alexa. The Echo show displays a Lambda Error. My Live Logging in Smartthings IDE also isn’t showing activity for Ask Alexa, beyond that which I think came from the App when interacting with its settings:

Also Ask Alex appears in my Alexa skills under the Dev tab - it does claim to be enabled. Does this matter? Apologies, I’m not sure which, if any of these things is relevant.

The other oddity was:
var url=‘https://graph-ap02-apnortheast2.api.smartthings.com:443/api/smartapps/installations/’ + STappID + ‘/’ ;

Should this have matched the “eu-west-1” I used or is it okay so long as it came from the SmartApp and matches SmartThings IDE?

Last dumb question. Standard SmartThings Smart App and Alexa skill. Keep or remove?

Should I start again? Apologies for the level of my question, I really do feel like a bit of a dummy, but am hoping to become a lot more proficient. Wishing I was 25 and not 45.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Yeah…I have been off the site for a while and need to update the instructions; however, the location shouldn’t make that much of a big deal…it will probably just affect latency.

The good news is that from what is shown, most of the items appear to be set up properly. The response you are getting from the log indicate you have the Alexa Skill set up correctly, and it is interfacing with the Lambda properly.

Again, the fact you are getting the response within the SmartThings log indicates you have this set up properly. I assume that piece came over from the automated code creator invoked when you do the setup? If so, the app polls itself and auto inserts the address. This should be correct.

Keep it…there are still some thing that are easily done with the main integration (i.e. “Alexa, turn off the office” instead of “Alexa, tell SmartThings to turn off the office”).

Basically, I would start with “Alexa, ask SmartThings for Help”. I would be interested in the vocal output and what the logs say".

Thank you so much for responding Michael. I’m not 100% sure what I did, but after you gave me a bit of confidence I did some tweaking around and everything burst into life. Will take her for proper spin tomorrow.

Thanks again and great work.


That is excellent! Enjoy!

MichaelS - is there a link/page with a basic description of what this solution will do? I’m very interested in using an Echo device to announce notifications.

Here is the wiki:


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