[RELEASE] Ask Alexa

On the Interfaces tab in the alexa developer console

It looks like graph smartthings is having a difficult time tonight could that cause the skill response I am getting. The very first time I attempted to turn on office after updating my json file I got my sonos to turn on

May want to try tomorrow if SmartThings is having issues…

Thanks Michael, this was working like a charm once smartthings was over the issues that I was seeing the other night

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I did my first macro triggering a webcore piston it was a great success but it didn’t run any aliases and my 2nd new macro didn’t work at all, didn’t trigger webcore piston.


I also tried to change the encircled part to any device and actions but didn’t work, same with IFTTT, I checked the url of IFTTT and run it through the google chrome, it was good and running well.

@MichaelS help please

Sorry for the delay in responding. I am not clear on what you are attempting to accomplish here. Can you go into a bit more detail?

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