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[RELEASE] Ask Alexa

(Micheal ) #4226

Never say never. But for sure not right now no AA on Hubitat.

(Micheal ) #4227

I am always interested in enhancing Ask Alexa for the community. What are the features?

(Micheal ) #4228

I will post this in the 2.3.9 release notes as well, but working with some GREAT engineers at SmartThings I was able to work around the IDE Live Logging issue where the setup parameters page URL gets truncated when displayed. While it is being seen in Ask Alexa (because of the amount of data the app processes to display the setup variables) it is not directly caused by Ask Alexa. Either way, the bigger issue is for SmartThings to fix, but after I discovered WHY it was happening I was able to work around it.

Now, when you go to the Setup Variables or Cheat Sheet, the full setup information is NOT shown in your mobile browser. It was never intended to be used there; now it is just the direct instructions to go to Live Logging. I DO display the URL if you want to copy and e-mail it to yourself, but with the live logging now showing the full URL you shouldn’t have to e-mail it.

This is in version 2.4.0 which I will probably release next Friday. If anyone runs into truncation before then and can’t wait, PM me.

Thanks again to Vlad and Ryan at SmartThings for working with me, and @femwitjava, @joelw135 and @SecureIT for troubleshooting when I didn’t have the problem in my own logging.

[RELEASE] Ask Alexa 2.3.9
(Franklin) #4229

Thanks man! I don’t want to be “that guy”…but can you release the fix quicker than next Friday?

(Micheal ) #4230

Let me finish up the documentation and I will push it out.

Edit I pushed out 2.3.9d…enjoy!

(Joel W) #4231

Works as expected, thanks.

(Micheal ) #4232

That was quick! :smiley:

(Franklin) #4233

Confirmed…works like a champ. Great work and support as always!

(Gareth) #4234

You know there would be “one” to ask…is the setup documented anywhere for the other invocations? The syntax is honestly so sweet! The WAF would blow through the roof if she didn’t have to remember the invocation…difficult to explain the purpose of invocations to someone who just wants it to work. We use Harmony and have to use that when controlling the TV and Smartthings for other controls…

(Micheal ) #4235

PM on its way

(Sat Pab) #4236


How can I send PM to you?

(Micheal ) #4237

A little pre-Friday update…it appears Amazon has ‘flipped the switch’ and converted the developer’s section to the new format. As such, the old installation procedure will need to be updated.

If you already have Ask Alexa installed and operational, no worries…everything still works as expected.

However, if you are a NEW user or need to update your slots, you will have to use the JSON code provided by the setup variables. Let me know if anyone runs into difficulty installing or adding more devices as I update the documents.

I will spend some time this week updating the documentation. The concepts are the same, just the screens have changed. The biggest, however, is that the slots have to be updated one item at a time instead of bulk groups of device, macros, etc. However, most have found the JSON code VERY easy to use.

Bless Amazon for keeping me on my toes :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #4238

What a pain, now you have to put the new value IE device at the top and hit enter I assume, and the trash can to remove a device etc. Then I guess save and build, that is harder than before, what in the world were they thinking? I’m sure developers need things easier, not harder, faster not slower. But who am I to say, this is nuts?

(Micheal ) #4239

Only if you are doing it manually (which I no longer recommend). A simple copy/paste of the JSON code updates everything. Looking through this the installation procedure will be easier as it is one section. No need to update the slots. And, as a bonus you always get the latest utterances if I update them on the fly.

(Micheal ) #4240

Well, in the future, any updates will pushed out when you press a button in the app…No longer going to Lambda or the Developer’s page at all to install/update.

(Joel W) #4241

OK then Just open JASON editor at the bottom, and delete and replace from the config page. Yes that is easier.

(Micheal ) #4242

Indeed…I am actually rather excited about this change…I went through my 7 stages of grief rather quickly today :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #4243

Yes I guess save and build is the only thing to do once you edit.

(Micheal ) #4244

Ok…I think I have the instructions revised to match the actual Amazon environment now. Obviously, there are areas that will still be needed, but I believe a new user can go through with minimal effort and get the application installed.

As always, if people run into issues I am here to help.

(Micheal ) #4245

Not a lot to report on this Good Friday. As mentioned earlier in the week I have been re-doing the documentation for Ask Alexa based on the changes to the Amazon Developer’s site. The good thing is that I am dropping all references to the manual installation efforts since the single copy/paste of the JSON code works reliably. In addition, I was able to strip out a good amount of code from Ask Alexa that just dealt with the installation lists. And I improved the overall installation list, making it clear as to duplicates or reserved words that you are using that will interfere with the operation of Ask Alexa. So, overall, good progress this week.

Tony was on vacation this week so we didn’t make any additional progress on the self-installing app, but to answer a question many of you have had, you will STILL be able to do the manual installation process to control what is and is not enabled at Amazon. I know some of you are leery of the fact that you could get charged for extra services at Amazon, and I want to be as transparent as I can be with what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ so you don’t get a bill at the end of the month.

On the partner front, @bangali has really been enhancing his Room Occupancy app with a lot more functionality. He is now partner #22 with applications that utilize the Message Queue functionality. This functionality, when Amazon enables it, will allow SmartThings apps to send messages to the message queue, which in turn MAY allow for real time notification. I say MAY as Amazon continues to be ‘cagy’ about what ‘notification’ actually means…I could be just the yellow light on the unit. It may be real time notification with voice…But, either way, Ask Alexa should be ready for whatever they allow, and now the Room Occupancy app will be ready as well (well, when @bangali releases the update).

Overall, great future for Ask Alexa going forward! Happy Easter!