[RELEASE] Ask Alexa

Unfortunately, there is no way to push a message to an Alexa enabled decide… Amazon still hasn’t released that feature.

I haven’t read all of this thread so I apologize for the question.

Do we need to remove the ST Alexa app to use Ask Alexa?

No…they work together very nicely.

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I have no idea since I don’t have that device to test it…does the remote show up as simply buttons in SmartThings, or something else? That can certainly be added…I just need to work with someone who has one (or someone would need to donate some money to get me to purchase it so I can test it).

You will not be able to do that with the stock Ask Alexa. Alexas, by design, CAN NOT initiation a conversation or make a statement or noise on their own without a voice prompt. Amazon says they MAY open this up someday, and when they do I will support it…but for now you are limited to linking your Alexa to a Bluetooth device that will respond to actions within your home.


I am trying to run the pause command on Plex.

I said Alexa, tell Smartthings to Pause Plex Mi Box

(This doesn’t really work through Harmony: see here
Pause Plex or AndroidTV through Harmony/St and Alexa)

It doesn’t do it and I see an error in the logs

What do you mean in ST? The remote is in Harmony which links to ST via the skill.

The Plex Mi Box has to be added to the slots. Again, I have no idea how this might work as I don’t have any of these devices. I would assume that Plex Mi Box is some sort of virtual switch? If so, it will need to be added to the app, then the name added to the Amazon developer slots. However, if it IS a switch, “pause” is an invalid command for that type of device. Pause will only work for speaker devices.

I know this is confusing, so I hope I am answering your question.

It is a Plex client running on a hardware called mi box. I added it to speakers already, if that is what you mean.

Any device added to Ask Alexa that you wish to control need to be added to the Amazon developer slots. Run the Setting-Setup variables then populate the slots on developer.amazon.com. http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Ask_Alexa#Interaction_Model

Looking at your screenshot you will have some difficulty controlling these devices as items like “(” or “)” and with so many things having similar name. I recommend renaming them or setting up some aliases within the app so you can smoothly control these.

I am not seeing the alias options in settings (I have been reading the wiki).

So for all of my devices I have to manually add them into Amazon?

Yes…all devices you want to control need to be added to the developer slots.

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Also the alias is set up in Settings. Once you turn it on you will see the option on the main interface.

Not sure if this is a question. However if you are looking for alias setup it is second from the bottom on the Settings.

I was posting that because I don’t see anything that said alias.

If you are using the latest version it is there.

Second from the bottom

that was the issue. I was on 1.1.2

I have your GitHub Repo in my Graph account. However it wasnt allowing me to update from repo. I used the copy and paste instead. Not sure why.

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Did you get it all working?

I have created Interaction Model Custom Slots (LIST_OF_DEVICES) for use with EchoSistent. Would I be able to also use that with your app? I apologize as the Lambda and AWS stuff is new to me.

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