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[RELEASE] Ask Alexa

(Micheal ) #1956

Cool…let me know if you get this to do what you want…Hopefully all of this was helpful!

(Sal Marano) #1957

Got it working just using the virtual switch method, I found it simple enough after I realized there are triggers with core that allow you to restrict things. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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(Andrea Bianco) #1958

Amazon has “something” in the works … "stay tuned"
Holiday season is a stone’s throw away, always hype to have “new” things to dove tail in there.

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(John) #1959

Hi Michael, starting to set up Ask Alexa and in your documentation for GitHub integration you say

On the right-hand column, scroll down to click the apps you want to install. This will typically be:
_ _
SmartApp: smartapps/michaelstruck/ask-alexa.src/ask-alexa.groovy

I don’t see that app listed in the right hand column. Has the name changed?

Thanks and looking forward to using Ask Alexa.

(Micheal ) #1960

If you already have your IDE synced with GitHub, and Ask Alexa is already in your IDE, you MAY not see this…Is the app installed and working?

(Micheal ) #1961

I have updated the app to 2.1.3: [Depricated]Ask Alexa 2.1.3

Be sure to update your slots, your Lambda code, utterances and your SmartApp code.


(Micheal ) #1962

Here is some good news:

Right off the bat I could see the new message queue feature actually wake when a message comes in (based on options) and still give a notification when verbally woke up. Maybe even an option to wake based on a presence sensor going ‘present’ to give a verbal ‘hello’…Lots of options available for this!


Exciting stuff!

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(John) #1964

Yeah, I see that it was listed on the left hand side. Thought I was maybe missing something.

( I hate Mondays) #1965

Latest CoRE should allow queuing and deleting of AskAlexa messages.


Hopefully we get better microlocation by then so the appropriate echo device knows when to go off :slight_smile:

(Steve) #1967

Hope it’s true, but this site (The Information) doesn’t cite any sources nor provide any detail or confirmations. In fact, their own About link states…

“…How we compete is simple. We recruit the best reporters, give them the freedom to write about important topics and tell them not to worry about the small stuff.”

Small stuff??? Oh, you mean like not bothering to quote sources or get reliable confirmation on things you post?


But I sure do hope it’s true.

(Hobbyboy) #1968

Kind of a CoRE question, how do I define the “unit” for a Queue AskAlexa message? I have two Echos, but don’t recall naming them…


(Micheal ) #1969

There is a field in Core that will allow you to define the fields. Please note you ONLY have to define the unit if you want to later delete the message (with Core) from the queue. Otherwise, you just need to send the AppName (detail) and message (descriptionText).

(Hobbyboy) #1970

Thanks. I updated the app today to the latest - I ran through the whole install with the 2.0 release. Should I do that again? Is there something I’m missing if I have not updated on the Amazon side to make this work?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1971

Yes, you’re missing a lot. With every new release a new thread is created. In the Tennessee nuts (aka release notes) it tells you exactly what needs to be done and what the developer recommends.

With an app of this sophistication, following the steps exactly as laid out are essential.

(Micheal ) #1972

Proof Read Jason… :slight_smile:

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(Micheal ) #1973

You DO have to turn on the message queue within the settings area. And you DO have to update the various slots to use the new functionality.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1974

Now what fun would that be? Proofread…lift! That’s for English teachers and lit majors!

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(Brian Busch) #1975

I got the latest version up and running and got my first nightly report last night; worked like a charm! I was thinking for a future release sometime that integrating a google calendar would be awesome, so in the nightly (or morning, for that matter) report, you could get your upcoming appointments.

Thanks for putting together a great app! Keep up the great work!