[RELEASE] ArloPilot - Enhanced Arlo System Integration


(might be my fake name?) #309

Is anybody seeing issues getting the arlo mode to change via virtual switch this morning? Was working fine yesterday and all of last week. This morning, I cant get my arlo mode to change.

EDIT: It’s working now. Don’t know what happened. Although there was a slight tick on Downdetector about 39 minutes ago for arlo. All better now

(Mavrrick) #310

All you need to do to make it min instead of hours is update the line 49 from

schedule("0 0 0/${frequency} * * ?", arloRefresh)


schedule("0 0/${frequency} 0 * * ?", arloRefresh)

(Chad Cole) #311

Ok thank you very much. I’ll try that this weekend. But even with this program unless I start a live video within SmartThings. Otherwise the log files say unchanged image or not requested by ST. Even though my Arlos detect motion, record the video and turn on or off the desired lights. Just no image for the pic carasol tile except the new live video.

(Mavrrick) #312

I just updated the app with a way to change between min and seconds so have fun.

You may want to try turning of the virtual tiles and having them recreate. I am not sure what to tell you since that image refreshes on mine like clockwork. It uses a MD5 Checksum which was pretty much a industry standard to check for file differences. I generally don’t open up the live view so it is just working.

(Mavrrick) #313

I saw an issue where one of my smartapp functions didn’t fully complete last night. I think it is one of those Smartthings Hicups.


What’s the deal with the arlopilot thumbnails to be brought into actiontiles? Is that something that people still have working? I couldn’t tell if it still works from the conversation above.

(Mavrrick) #315

It is working for me

(Kevin) #316

I have arlopilot images working in actiontiles. shows the latest image like the arlo app.


Hmmm. That means I have something wrong… When I go into the arlopilot app, to where it shows the external access options and generates the URL for the thumbnail, clicking “open in browser” all i get is the word “false” on the screen. Using the URL it generates in actiontiles as media also doesn’t show any images.

What might I be doing wrong? Arlopilot is controlling arlo based on SHM fine (I commented out that line suggested in this thread). OAuth is enabled for the smartapp, the arlopilot camera tile device handler is published for me.


Oh wait, I figured it out. I’m an idiot, I never hit “save”. oops.

(Eric V) #319

Yes. Info is here. [RELEASE] ArloPilot - Enhanced Arlo System Integration


I have the app installed and can change modes etc but if I try to create the virtual camera tiles then press ‘save’ I get the error message “An unexpected error occurred.” and if I try to view the link in a browser I get ‘false’.

The error message in the log says:
30f3d4dd-74c8-4fb5-8617-8c5018efd17d 16:00:24: error physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘arloPilotCameraTile’ in namespace ‘shackrat’ not found. @line 149 (doCall)

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?!


Don’t worry - sorted - hadn’t installed the second device handler!

(Chris) #322

How do you tell if the chime is associated with a mode? I have realized that it will switch from SHM Off to SHM Stay/AWAY but it won’t flip back when I disarm my system. I don’t see how I can figure out why the system wont change to SHM Off mode.