[RELEASE] ArloPilot - Enhanced Arlo System Integration

Thanks for all the help.

I have installed the ArloPilot as recommended and done the recent patch.

While the SmartThings App states that I am connected to Arlo, I am unable to change modes.

Any thoughts on why ArloPilot is unable to change modes?


I would suggest you go back into the IDE and click on the live logging tab. Once in their you should be able to use your phone to manually try to change the mode. Now that is done and it fails go back to your computer in the browser where you have the live logging running and click on the Arlo pilot app across the top. Now you should only see Arlo Pilot log data. Once in here look for errors. You may want to post the error along with a few lines above and below it to us here to see if we can figure it out. There are a few folks here that do a bit of coding but we would need the errors to get a clue.

Thanks for the help.

As it turns out, ArloPilot is not necesarry for my needs.

I have setup the cameras in the Arlo app and set the mode to “Armed”.

The ST app Activates and Deactivates the cameras through various routines and Smart Home Monitor. Basically, when the SMH is Armed(away) the cameras are Active(on) in ST. When the system is Disarmed ST inactivates(off) the camera.

So far this has worked great.


Has anyone figured out if it is possible to use ArloPilot to capture video (or image) with WebCoRE capture() command for Arlo cameras? I don’t think this has ever worked but just checking.

I have been using an IFTTT maker->arlo record, but it unfortunately triggers a arlo camera motion event in addition to the recording.


That’s what I ended up doing is setting up a webCoRE piston so that when SHM changes it’s sendinf IFTTT Maker events to arm the Arlo cameras and when SHM is disarmed it sends another maker event to disarm them. I liked ArloPilot quite a bit but this app hasn’t worked in some time and what I’ve got now is more reliable.


The arlo pilot external image component will display the image tile from the last motion detected event.

There has also been progress on triggering a recording from smartthings based on certain events. I have an app that uses a routine that was provided to me.

This is the thread that can provide an example of of Capturing video with Arlo from smartthings.

I took that and was able to update some code in my app to do captures .

I have this part working and display latest images on ActionTiles. That is actually why I want to trigger a recording, to refresh the image a few times throughout the day.

I will take a look at the SmartApp. Seems like WebCoRE should be able to do this too if it is working in another SmartApp(???)

So here is the question though abut refreshing the image. What do you expect to see change with the refreshed app if no motion has taken place in front of the camera. I had this same discussion with someone a while back and that was exactly what it came down to. Other then burning a little bit of battery you probably won’t see anything except maybe the change from a daytime image to a night time image.

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Point taken, I am already charging arlo batteries too often. But… I could see that the house is still there :slight_smile: , nothing on fire , rain, packages at door, doors are indeed closed, lights on because SmartThings isn’t working :wink: It’s just nice on ActionTiles to quickly look at lunch to see everything is in order and have an image that is recent, not days old.

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All of those examples are based on the fact you happen to have the clip generated. You are also expecting that the motion detection from arlo doesn’t pic it up.

Well that program by @evanbeek has perfect logic for what you want to do. With a few adjustments you should be able to generate 5 second clips on a schedule or using a device to trigger the recordings. As it triggers when the location mode changes.

You know what. I have already experimented with this code and deployed methods to record for my ADT tools app. I will see if I can create something that will run on a scheduled interval that will create 5 second clips. I don’t know long it will be till I complete it, but I can’t imagine it would be to hard at this point.

I have gotten this setup and love the ST & Arlo integration. Even have the image from my cameras showing up on my ActionTiles. BUT the only Timor way I get new images is if I do a live view even a couple seconds then poof a new image is shown. I even added a pollster to refresh the cameras but have not gotten it yet. Any idea what I’m missing

What kind of time intervals are you all thinking of for a refresh.

@ChadofCNC @kevin @GRClark
I have the app created, but right now the allowed intervals are based on the turn of hours.

So it can be set to run ever 1,2,3,4 or so many hours. Does this sound good to those looking for this functionality.

You can download and test it from my repo
Owner: Mavrrick
Name: SmartThings-by-Mavrrick
Branch: master

The specific app is called Arlo Image/Clip Refresh. Feel free to use or let me know if any changes are needed.

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Thanks, will take a look!

How hard would it be to activate like every 15 mins or when motion is detected??

To change it from hours to min shouldn’t be to hard. The biggest cost is probably just battery more then anything else.

Motion activated integration really is probably best handled by the Arlo Cameras and Arlo cloud then by this app.

To do it in this app would basically involved setting up a loop to resubmit the record command after the clip completes. Because of various things it wouldn’t be smooth and would create gaps between clips. Now if you don’t mind it submitting one at a time then you in theory could just allow it to record a single clip until it is triggered again. that wouldn’t be hard. I think there would also need to be a check added to see the current state of the camera before a recording occurs. So it would involve a bit of work to add that.

This takes us out of the realm though of simply creating a snapshot to get a new tile and more into recording automation.

The battery part is not a factor in my case as they are plugged in and I have it setup to use Arlo system to record the video when motion or Audio is detected. But the snapshot is not being updated. Unless I use the live button on each camera from within ST (classic or current). When I do that poof new thumbnail pics. Both in the app and on my panel on ActionTiles.

Does anyone else get ‘False’ when they follow the URL to the camera image? I am also getting ‘An unexpected error occurred’ when saving within the smart app if I select one of my cameras in ‘Create virtual camera tile’.

Recent adopter of Arlo. This app seems to fit my needs. However, it doesn’t seem to work because the modes don’t change based on SHM status. I thought it was the recent update and commented out line 1211 as suggested above. However, no luck. It still doesn’t work.

The system seems to switch the Arlo mode to the same mode no matter what the SHM status is. I checked the live logging but don’t know exactly what I am looking for.

Any status of getting this smartapp updated so we don’t have to find a work around.

Secondly, I use to have a Blink camera system and I used RBoys device handler and smartapp. I essentially built a WebCore to automate my cameras and make adjustment for each individual camera based on certain events happening. Does anyone know if this is possible with Arlo cameras and WebCore? I noticed we can use IFTTT to make this happen but I don’t see a way to arm/disarm a individual camera and adjust its settings.

An suggestions and guidance would be helpful. Either this smartapp or using WebCore. I am open to either.