[RELEASE] Aeotec TriSensor

Sorry, but I only work on integrations for devices that I own and writing a device integration using a 3rd party API bit me once so I now only write handlers for z-wave devices…

Is there a way to change out the motion on the main ST page to Temperature. I am using this for a Greenhouse temp monitor. I had a Qubino Z-Wave Plus On Off Thermostat 2 ZMNKID3 which was working but would go offline every couple of days. Turns out it was reporting up to 12 temp variations in burst that would only be a second long. Tech support asked me to exclude and re-include and it went south from there. It only partially installed as a energy device and then put my hub in a remove device loop for a day.
I was wanting a hard wire powered device but got this in quick. If you know of another good hard wired power device I would be interested in it and could use this device as a backup. I added your previous code change that shows Temp as the main tile but having the temp, instead of the motion, on the main panel would be great.

The changes I mentioned only work for the classic mobile app.

If you don’t care about motion at all then removing the capability “Motion Sensor” line near the top of the code might solve your problem.

Thanks for the help. I tried removing the capability “motion sensor”. It didnt seem to do anything. I moved everything I could find that would have something to do with the order or main panel and it works perfect in the classic version but does nothing to the new app version. Problem is, I have know idea which edit did what because I was looking at the new version!
Is there anyway to make the new app version change? And do you have a recommendation for a hard wired temp sensor?
Thanks again for the help!

In addition to removing that capability line, remove the line below and the comma from the end of the line above it.

vid: "generic-motion-4"

The new mobile app caches the UI so you won’t see that change for 12-24 hours, but you can force it to refresh by creating a new DTH with a different name and then manually assigning it to the device.

Thanks Kevin. Your device handler worked great.
This was my first time messing with smartthings and a modified DH.
Luckily everyone’s comments helped me get there.
Consolidated how to setup / edit device handler instructions:
After device is already added as a device and working but you want access to the device settings,
Log into smartthings on the web.
go to my device handlers
create new device handler
from code
copy and paste code from github repo
save and publish
then edit the device and change type to the new aeotec trisensor which is located at the bottom of the dropdown list.
click update.
on the mobile smarttings app, open / reload the aeotec device, and now there will be the new settings menu.
thanks again Kevin - these options were exactly what I was looking for.