[RELEASE] Aeotec Siren 6

Ya know it’s never made sound at all. I’m wondering if it’s just bad. I have noticed that it will flash every now and then but that’s it. I’ve removed the device, deleted the device handler, and then factory reset it. I added it again and no noise just flashes. I think I’ll send it back . I like that the handler disables the tamper feature for what I’m using it for, nice touch. Thank you for the help.

Did you try turning it on/off with whatever default handler it was assigned?

If that tamper feature isn’t causing it to make sound then it’s probably a bad device, but it’s also new firmware so if they received enough complaints about the tamper siren in the last firmware then it’s possible they changed the default behavior of the tamper alarm so it flashes, but doesn’t make any sound so you might want to contact Aeotec support.

I’m also going to try and get the latest firmware so I can verify that it still works as expected.

I kept accidentally triggering it while writing the handler so it’s one of the first features I put into it, LOL.

Hey Kevin,

First, thanks for all your hard work on providing this Device Handler.

I’m new to SmartThings, I’ve brought this Siren and a load of motion sensors/buttons, and I’m playing about with it.

I’ve got the Siren recognised, and I can get it to chime, strobe, siren from the Classic App.

I’m now building a Smart App, so I can finely tune my home security setup, and I have 3 basic requirements for the Siren.

  1. Operate the Siren, and Strobe.
  2. Operate the Chime for 15 seconds or so, with a Flash. (This will be the Warning before the Siren!)
  3. Turn off Siren/Chime/Strobe

I’m not having much luck in my Smart App, other than using “playSound” and “off”. I can get “playSound” to choose a specific tone, at the selected volume. However I can’t combine it with a Strobe, by calling strobe(), that seems to nullify any further command.

Could you give me some direction on the best way to achieve these 3 things in code?

Much appreciated,


Got the new device and it makes noise! Now my only problem is my app updated and I no longer have the option to program anything CUSTOM. If I programmed it before the app updated I can still see it under the device then smart apps, but I can no longer find anything in there that will allow me to do a custom . Used to go to marketplace, smartapps, smartThings recommends and it was in there. Which is 99.9% of what I do.

If you set the chime led option to strobe then it will strobe every time you execute playSound.

If you execute the strobe command it should cancel everything and turn on the led based on the strobe led setting.

Have you tried the speaker companion SmartApp?

I briefly looked at it, but it didn’t look like I could say what # of tone to play. I assume it will just play the default.

You have to use the “custom” option and then enter the sound #.

I see it now. I didn’t get that far. I was still in the “control” part of the setting. I’ll try it today, Thanks.

That worked great.

Hi Kevin, recently I’m considering buying a siren, and siren 6 is in the short list. Just wondering if this dth/smartapp is working well in new app??? Thanks in advance.

The UI won’t display everything, but the strobe, siren, and off buttons should be visible and I should be able to fix the rest once the custom capabilities documention is released.

You should also still be able to play custom chimes with the built-in SmartApps.

I’ve written handlers for 11 sirens/chimes and the Aeotec Siren is the most reliable and has the most features.

Thanks a lot for the info Kevin, would I also be able to use sthm to play custom sounds?

Speaking of reliability, I’m a bit worried since I saw a few negative reviews on Amazon saying siren 6 dies within a few days. Is it really that their products qualities are not on top and you have to try your luck when buying one?

I’m also looking at dome and everspring siren, they’re not that much cheaper in price comparing to aeotec here in Canada. They do look cheaper though

I’ve also noticed that the number of users reporting faulty devices is unusually high, but it seems like if the device doesn’t have any issues within the first couple of weeks then it won’t…

If you don’t need a strobe, powered device, and don’t need to be able to change the Siren sound or siren volume the the Zooz Multisiren is a good choice. The chime volume can be changed and it lets you load 30 custom wav files.

Thanks! Now I’m leaning towards aeotec, just don’t wanna get a defective unit…

Sorry to ask you again, would I be able to use SmartThings home monitor (the new sthm) to play custom sounds with siren 6?

I used your code for handers and everything worked well, but now Siren stop working, and I get code Object Object in every line in settings. Know something about that?

Check the IDE and make sure it’s still set to the correct handler.

Hey Kevin.

So maybe you can help, not sure if this is a problem with the Device Handler or the Siren itself.

I’m using the Strobe() function from my SmartApp, when certain things happen around the house that I want someone to be aware of.

It’s proving to be very inconsistent. If I haven’t sent any commands to the Siren for a while, when I do something that results in a Strobe() being sent, the Siren doesn’t do anything, even though I can see it appear in the debug. However if I manually turn on/off the Strobe using the SmartThings App, and then carry out the same action, the Strobe does work correctly.

So it almost appears like the Siren is falling asleep.

Any idea?

Is there a way in which I can get the “Current state” of the Siren? So “Are you currently showing a Strobe?”, and then if it’s not, I can repeat the command until it does?

Thanks again.


I’ve written handlers for 11 different siren/chimes and the Aeotec Siren/Doorbell 6 is the only one that I’ve never had reliability problems with and I think this is the first time I’ve had anyone report a problem like this.

You might want to try moving the device closer to the hub to see if that makes a difference.

The handler polls the device every 3 hours and if it goes more than 6 without checking in then SmartThings will mark it as offline. (assuming you haven’t disabled the health check feature in ST)

Replacing the strobe command (starting on line 570) with the following code might work, but I haven’t tested it…

def strobe() { 
	logDebug "strobe()..."	
	state.lastAction = "strobe"
	runIn(2, strobeBackup)
	return getSirenStrobeCmds(VOLUME.mute, strobeLightEffectSetting)

def strobeBackup() {
	if (device.currentValue("alarm") != "strobe") {
		sendHubCommand(strobe().collect { new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(it) })		

Much appreciated for the help. I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

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