[RELEASE] Aeotec Doorbell 6

If you open the device’s settings screen in the mobile app you can change the Siren Sound and Siren Volume.

Thanks for all you have done here. Very much appreciated…and if I were you, I’d keep a close eye on any changes to their stock handler, I’ve got a hunch they will stoop to stealing your code.

I doubt it because I’m pretty sure they don’t write their own built-in handlers and SmartThings tries to keep them as simple as possible because the less features they have, the less questions and problems they’ll have to deal with.


Hi, Awesome handler you’ve provided. But having issues with the button. When pressed, the sounds is really high, even when the Chime is configured to 10% in ST. Also, I cant see the Button in ST. How do I configure the button? I’ve tried pairing it again, and that seems to go weel, but still really loud, and I cant see it in ST.

Mark :slight_smile:

Sorry, I completely missed this post…

It sounds like you don’t have my Aeotec Doorbell 6 Button handler installed so if you install that and then change any of the settings it should in create a child device for the button.

Once you have the child device you’ll be able to use it to change all the settings for the button and detect when the button is pressed.

I think I’ve got everything setup properly and I understand that the only customized sounds available are the 30, but … when I configure an automation and select the option to play message on speaker, it shows Aeotec Dorbell 6 as one of the speaker options. Should that work? I don’t hear anything when I do that. Thanks

Yes you could but if you want set specific volume you will not, volume level in automations does not override default volume in device settings, only Speaker Companion app could set specific volume. I understand Speaker Companion App is the recommended way by the DTH author Kevin …