[RELEASE] Aeotec Doorbell 6


I just posted a new version of the DTH that should be fully supported with the Automations feature in the new mobile app.

Please ignore all the posts above that mention Speaker Companion being a requirement or provide modifications you can make to the code as a workaround.

If you’re using it as a Dimmer to play the chimes and don’t want the music related stuff displayed then you can delete the lines below which are near the top of the DTH:

		capability "Audio Notification"
		capability "Music Player"
		capability "Speech Synthesis"

Instructions for playing chimes in the new mobile app

  1. Open the device’s settings in the mobile app and change the “Switch On Action” setting to “Do Nothing”.

  2. Go into Automations and create a new one.

  3. Configure the “If” section that will trigger the chime to play.

  4. Select the device from the “Then” > “Control Devices” section and tap next.

  5. If the “Dimmer” option is disabled then change “off” to “on”.

  6. Tap Dimmer and specify a number between 1-10 which will be the sound # that plays when this automation is triggered.

I also released a new version of the button that allows you to create an automation from the device details screen and use it as an “IF” in Automations, but the Switch functionality should also still work.

Hi Kevin, I just update the DTH, (tomorrow I will try to set some 10 nice chimes to use them to have some options, based in the code you publish for that, I hope I know how to do it). I noted you mentioned wait 12 hours to get updated in the New App, right ?..so Im supposing I can try automations in new app and one of the setting options will be handle siren as a “dimmer”, then substitute all Speaker Companion apps by the New App automations. I am hoping I am understanding…

In other hand I have notice, first required set is:

– “Open the device’s settings in the mobile app and change the “Switch On Action” setting to “Do Nothing”.”

I have Aeotec siren linked to STHM in order to trigger it when alarm goes off, I am supposing STHM switches on alarm, but I think with this setting siren will do nothing ?

Thanks in advance with your toughts…

You can keep your existing Speaker Companion apps, but the changes I made provides an alternative in case those stop working and for new automation you need to setup.

STHM should support the siren, strobe, and/or both commands for Alarms so if you change that Switch On Action setting o “Do Nothing” then you’ll need to change STHM to one of those other commsnds.

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I’ll respond tonight, but try this in the meantime…

  1. Close the new mobile app.
  2. Take a copy of the handler, change the name, use it to create a new device handler, save, and publish.
  3. Open the device in the IDE and change its Type field to the new handler you just created.
  4. Open the device’s details screen in the new mobile app
  5. Create a new automation and see if that’s now an option when you select the device.
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Hi my friend, thanks for your kindly support, I tried what you recommend, It worked !!..almost at 100%, I set de device as a Aeotec Doorbell 6B device, also I updated button DTH. Now when I check device it displays a Music Display, Alarm Type (same as previous version), a dimmer control, tamper alert, and a “Find sensor” function, “Pulse to play sound in Aeotec siren”. Also when I automate, I can set Alarm type, Volume and Dimmer (for chimes I supposing). Things that are not function:

  • Alarm Type: Off, and Strobe works ok, light was on, but Siren and Siren and Strobe, just Strobe light, but no sound at all.

  • “Find Sensor”: When I pulse play button, Dimmer goes back to 0%, Siren light was on but there is no sound at all , something similar of Alarm Type, I tested with 1%, 10% and 20%, all cases were the same, no sound.

  • Door bell button: When I push the physical button the siren lights on but no sound at all.

  • Automation: I programmed a simple open door to trigger chime, when the door is opened siren light was on but no sound, same case of the other tests, I think could probably have same origin of other cases.

I think we almost get it !!!.. Any other ideas my friend ?..I wonder why there is no sound from the siren at all… There is a connection definetely because light works ok, but sound just is not working.

Note: Dimmer in Device front setting and dimmer in automate interface can be set in 1% ranges, so I think 30 sounds in the device can be configured in the New App… am I right (1%-30% dimmer) ?

Thanks !


Everything else sounds like the volume is set to 0 so check the volume settings for chime and siren.

The music player, tracks, find, etc. features aren’t supported, they’re just included in the old capabilities that I need to keep in the DTH for backwards compatibility…

What happens when you activate the siren and change the dimmer from the device details screen?

I thought that might be an issue at one point, but other users confirmed that it works fine with the newer firmware.

At this point we’re kind of going backwards and probably confusing everyone that reads this topic so I’m going to PM you.

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I can’t get webcore to trigger an action based on a bell switch on event.

I tired button press and trigger switch “on” and webcore doesn’t seem to trigger.

Something I’m missing?

  • Remove // from the log.trace line at the bottom of the code
  • Open Live logging
  • Push the physical button
  • Post the live logging results

Thanks for your reply. I’ve uncommitted that code and pressed the doorbell buttons. I also tried to cause a tamper event. Nothing shows up in live logging and all from the Doorbell6. I’ll have to try excluding the device and try again, but a little one is taking a nap.

I’ll reset and try again in a bit. I’ll report back.

I think I disable tamper by default when the device is joined and if the door isn’t making any noise when you push the button then it probably isn’t paired with the device. That communication happens outside of SmartThings.

Remove the device hold the action button on the back of the doorbell/siren for 20+ seconds to factory reset it. Once it’s reset, see if the physical button causes it to play a sound and if it doesn’t then perform the pairing process with the button.

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I excluded the doorbell from the hub and added it again. Same thing happened. So I removed it a second time, ran the factory reset and included the hub again. Surprisingly the buttons were still paired to the doorbell… I guess those don’t get removed on factory reset.

It’s working now. Logging appears in the IDE and webCore triggers on events.

Thanks! This is great.

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