[RELEASE] Aeotec Doorbell 6

If you’re not using the doorbell button then just use the modified Siren handler to configure it. The Doorbell 6 and the Siren 6 are the same device the only differences are their preset default sounds and their fingerprints.

1.4 firmware. My modified DTH was for the old 1.2. So when it would sync the siren literally wouldn’t operate at all as a switch. Flat nothing. Found the same function and line of code in this DTH and it was successful in saving the settings after triggering the both command and every other possible tweak to ensure full sync.

Back to full local execution. If anyone else needs the line of code (number) I can pull open my modified code and find exactly where it is.

I’m not sure how that’s possible because your original device also had 1.4 firmware… The only way you could have had 1.2 is if you got a beta version of the device from Aeotec last fall.

Ya I realized that after posting. I have no clue. It would NOT respond with the other dth having last synced. At one point I accidentally did a cut rather than a copy on that code, but I also didn’t save the changes or publish.

I eventually gave the edited doorbell DTH one last try. Hit every button - strobe, both, etc - once again and then synced. It then finally stuck.

Alls well that ends well I suppose.

I just got the Doorbell 6. Is there any way for me to get notified on my phone when someone pushes the doorbell button? I don’t see any way to add custom monitor rule.


You can use the Notify Me app and use the Button device’s switch on event or button pushed event.

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Hello. Not familiar with notify me app. I did a search and see a lot not having anything to do with smartthing. So can’t set up notifications within classic smart things like I have for all other devices? Maybe with IFTTT ?

Also can I get one button to chime a second siren?


Does this device handler for the [Aeotec Doorbell 6 ] (ZW162-A) also works for the Doorbell 6 type ZW162-C ?
Both DH are updated and published, the Doorbell are paired with ‘find new devices’ but the device on the Classic app shows only ‘Z-Wave Device Multichannel’ -and only shows one function: change the doorbell sound.

regards Torben

That’s a built in SmartApp and it’s extremely simple to use… It’s in the classic mobile app’s Safety and Security section of the Add a SmartApp screen.

The button supports the switch capability so if you want to use IFTTT instead then you can do IF doorbell button ;turns on THEN…

I don’t believe Smart Home Monitor supports buttons or switches as triggers which is why you can’t use it to setup these notifications.

Yes, set the second siren’s “turn on action” setting to the chime you want to play and use Smart Lighting to turn on the second siren when the button device turns on.

That model should work with my handler, but it might have a different fingerprint which would explain why it’s not assigning my handler to it.

If you open the device in the IDE you can manually change the “Type” field to my handler. If you installed and published my handler then it should be near the bottom of that list

While you’re in the IDE, copy the contents of the “Raw Description” field and post it so I can add the fingerprint for that device if it’s different.

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So just find the item ‘Aeotec Doorbell 6’ is that correct?
the Raw says: zw:Ls type:0301 mfr:0371 prod:0003 model:00A2 ver:1.04 zwv:5.03 lib:03 cc:5E,55,98,9F,6C,72 sec:70,86,59,85,73,60,8E,5A,7A,71,79 role:05 ff:A200 ui:A200 epc:8

If by “find the item” you mean change the device’s “Type” field to “Aeotec Doorbell 6” in the IDE, then yes.

The “prod” number of your device is different so when I have a moment I’ll add another fingerprint to the handler. What region is that device for?

Fantastic Kevin, my region is Europe, Denmark. Could be perfect to get that to work, I really appreciate your work with this. Regards Torben

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I just released a new version of this handler and the Aeotec Siren 6 handler that have fingerprints for the AU, EU, and US models.

If you update/publish the handler and rejoin the device ST should assign it the correct handler, but rejoining isn’t necessary if you’ve already changed the type field manually. (assuming your hub is at least V2)

Hi Kevin. I wasn’t possible to update it, so I removed the device, from the device list, set it to factory defaults, added the device again using classic app, but no changes. It still having the name Z-Wave Device Multichannel, with a lot of grey icons that don’t having any function. I did change the type to Aerotec Doorbell. The settings menu, have the settings for how loud the different sounds will be, and that settings works fine.
What do you think?

That “Type” field can be changed for every device…

Did you install and publish the new version of the handler?

You should have changed it to “Aeotec Doorbell 6” which will be near the bottom of the list, assuming you installed and published.

Ooops I wasn’t aware of the new version of your DH, I works perfect now. Thanks for your effort Kev.

my Siren 6 shows up in the Simple Device Viewer under the"Which Alarms" section but not under the batteries (no option to select it). the HUB which is also plunged in and has batteries does show up under the batteries section. any reason the Siren 6 shouldn’t show up in the batteries section?

Siren 6 doesn’t report it’s battery level.

FYI, when choosing devices in the Simple Device Viewer SmartApp you should only select each device once and except for Lights, it doesn’t matter which field you use to select the device. Selecting a device more than once won’t break anything, but it’s not necessary and creates a little extra work for the SmartApp.

Hi very much a newbie and non tech person. I have installed the Doorbell 6 device handler and the button handler, but no matter what setting I choose in SmartThings Classic, when the doorbell is pressed it is maximum volume and the First sound. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

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