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[RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button


(Bryan) #163

I have the Wallmote paired and working properly with a button controller. However, when I go into the device on the mobile app and click on the “Configure” button (to the right of the battery % and the temperature), nothing happens. Is there a configuration menu that’s not working properly for me?

Firmware is 1.8.


(Joel W) #164


What are the strange numbers in the center tile?

(Ron) #165

Number of presses counter. No real purpose other than letting you know how much you are using the remote.

(Joel W) #166

OK, then I guess that is why my finger is getting tired. Thanks.

(Bryan) #167

Figured out the configure button. If you have configured changes and don’t want to wait for the device to automatically query for updates, press this button in the app and the button on the back of the device to sync the changes.

(Cara Rynerson) #168

Oh Wow! I’ve been reading this thread just to figure out what that number is also. I just set up my wallmote and it says 212 already!!! That’s crazy!


I have the Aeon WallMote Quad and I’ve been trying to make it do something useful. I’m using erocm123’s DTH from 2017-06-19. I also installed a SmartApp related to this device, messed around with it, and concluded it just complicated matters for me, so I’ve removed it … is it required with this DTH?

My issue is that button actions are frequently misreported. I can push buttons and the right event shows up, but a couple of the buttons always say button 4 is held, even though I held button 1 or 2. Yes, I’m certain that the device is oriented correctly and yes, I realize that the buttons are 1 and 2 on top row and 3 and 4 on the bottom row. I am certain I’m not holding more than one button, and tests are done a minute or two apart. I clearly am holding button 2 for example, and an event pops up for button 4 held.

Am I missing something?

(Bryan) #170

Not sure which app you installed, but it’s not required. The DTH will work with Smartlighting, webCore, etc.

I don’t have an answer for the misreporting. In my case, button presses are registered accurately, but the action that is supposed to follow doesn’t always run.

(Ron) #171

I have 2 wallmotes, both are quad. One of them is working fine. The other reported a low battery yesterday so I charged it up. Today I get the low battery warning again so I plugged in back into charger and it fully charged in less then 5min so I know it was still charged from yesterday. So I think the app is falsely reporting 15%.

Anyone else have issues with battery level?

My working wallmote is on a STv2 hub, the one with the issue is on my older STv1 hub. Not sure if that is a factor.

(Joel W) #172

Ron after charging hold the button on the back for a few seconds and it will send the request for the update. Usually in a short while it will show the 100% battery.

(Ron) #173

Thanks, I hacked the DH code to issue a battery update when config is tapped instead.
The code seems to check on wake if the battery wasn’t checked within the last 24hrs but I think the state.lastBatteryReport setting might have gotten corrupted.

I wish you could inspect the state.XXXX variables in the ide. It has a section for state variables but several state variable don’t display in the ide. I see the following

But I would like to see

It would make debugging so much easier.
Between the lack of a persistent log and no debugger to look at variables in code flow I hate debugging issues with ST.

(Bryan) #174

Has anyone had an issue with presses not working properly? I have a WallMote Quad with two of the “buttons” configured to turn on two bulbs. They generally work, but sometimes it takes multiple presses to get the bulb to toggle on or off.

When I look in the IDE, the button presses are logged, even if the bulb did not toggle. I have one trigger set up through Smart Lighting and the other through webCore, but I get the same occasional failures with both.

(Bobby Patch) #175

I am having the same problem as @Luther described above

When I have slide button 5 enabled and try to do a button hold on either 1 or 3 it will always say button 5 is held and for buttons 2 and 4 hold will always say button 5 is pressed.

When I have slide button disabled, every button hold 1-4 will say button 4 has been held (even if I am holding button 1, 2 or 3). I read through the whole thread and @Luther was the only one I saw describing similar situation. Its oriented correctly I have readded the device multiple times already and am using @erocm1231 2017-06-19 DTH release -

Anyone else have problem like this and know how to resolve?

By the way thanks @erocm1231 thanks for the great work!



I have now received a new WallMote Quad and I am experiencing the exact same issue with it. “Pushed” events work fine. And “Held” for button one works too. But “Held” events for buttons 2,3, and 4 only work about 1 out of 10 times.

First, dumb question but we’ll get it out of the way. “Pushed” is holding it more than a quick tap … that is, pressing and holding for 2-3 seconds. Right?

Also, so far I’ve been doing this with automations. But I am going to try deleting those, and instead use the Smart Lighting app to see if the result changes. Open to other ideas.

(Ron) #177

Yes, that is correct. If you enable touch vibration I find it vibrates on hold but not on push. So perhaps that would help you confirm.

Are you sure you are using the correct device handler? When you look at the device list in the IDE do you see “Aeon WallMote” as the Type?

Have you tried turning on debugging in preference and watching the live log as you test. You could add more debugging comments in the device handler too if you know a little coding. I tend to add a lot of log output when I am trying to figure out issues like this one.


Thanks for the response. I had enable logging in the process of troubleshooting the first Quad (post on Apr 9) and it did show the wrong button number being reported. I had not repeated the logging with the new device since it appeared the behaviour was the same.

However, I think the definition of “pushed” and “held” is more on track with what’s happening with this one. I get much better results if I think in terms of

  • Push is actually Tap - quickly tap once as if tapping your fingers on a table, or seeing if an iron sole plate is hot
  • Held is actually Push - make an intentional push as if ringing a doorbell, but don’t hold it down

I find that if I hold down a button for any longer than after the tactile feedback presents, results are completely random. Anything longer than one second is too much.

While following this pattern is working much, much better, it remains a mystery why the longer “held” was so unreliable, but only on certain buttons.

(Ron) #179

I found the code has a section where is sends “held” when the button is “released” that was causing me issues similar to yours. I commented that out in a copy I made. You can see my version here. I commented out Line 118


So if Eric concurs that this is a bug, would Eric consider updating the official custom DTH?

(Ron) #181

Hm…Looks like he already made a change to his version after I changed the version I was working with.

So check your holdMode setting. Setting it to “Yes” should behave same as my modified version.
Setting it to Yes(1) will send a “Held” event about every second while held down.
Setting it to No(2) which is the default, will send a “Held” even when you lift off so the length you hold it shouldn’t matter. based on your description of your issue it seems like you want the behavior of “No” setting.

The version I modified was sending held repeatedly and then again on lift which didn’t make sense to me which is why I made my change. His current version should work better as you can decide on the behavior you want.


No, I’ve only used the “no” setting. On the Quad I have, the buttons are extremely sensitive to how long the button is held.