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[RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button


(Ron) #143

LOL, OK I see how I could read it that way also.

(Dimitri Zenghelis) #144

Worked brilliantly - thanks @erocm1231

(Nathan Curtis) #145

Hey folks. Just received a WM Quad, v. 1.8. I’ve installed the DTH, setup the options and assigned a few buttons. Seems to work great! I let the device charge overnight and for some reason it still reports 0 battery…

It’s more of an annoyance at the moment but I can’t set any alerts to charge the device. Is it a Known issue or should I be trying to get it replaced?


(Eric M) #146

Did the device ever start reporting battery. None of mine have done that and sometimes it takes devices a day or so to report battery life.

(Nathan Curtis) #147

Yes, it eventually did… Sorry I got caught up chasing another issue…


(Joel W) #148

Any hints on pairing this Quad? I have reread the thread, and the only thing I might not have correct is button five. But I will try to get it right by the fifth try!!!:heart_eyes:

(Joel W) #149

@erocm1231 OK received my Quad and working with Advanced Button Controller . How do I get the slide for dimmer working on button 5?

OK my battery finally shows a full charge. Now what does this log entry mean?


I have this installed and it works perfectly. only, is there a way to program the buttons to toggle the lights/scene on off?

i want to press button 1 for on and then press button 1 again for off. this seems like a basic operation that should be possible but I couldn’t find a smartapp or anything created that would do this.


(Ron) #151

@ballbag When you configure smart lighting there is an option for “toggle”. It’s a little non-intuitive because you first select from the turn on/off option then at the bottom there is a switch for the “toggle” option. I think it should just but “turn on/turn off/toggle” in the first option. But it works the way it is.

Lights and Switches->Smart Lights
select light(s)
select what you want to do on/off (this is where I think toggle should be)
select trigger (button)
select button number
select button action (pushed)
toggle on & off (This is likely what you missed) turn this on to toggle)


ahh this is brilliant!!! i created a routine to do this where the button press controlled the routine. thanks so much!!!

(Jared) #153

What is that number this device handler shows next to the battery tile? I don’t see any explanation listed in the OP.


i figured out the toggle option thanks to @Ron only I’ve discovered the smart lighting smart app isn’t smart because it doesn’t toggle based on current state. I programmed button 1 to turn on three lights. I programmed the remaining three buttons (of four total for the aeotec wallmote) to turn on each of three lights individually. if I press button 1, all three lights come on as expected. pressing buttons 2, 3, or 4 does not turn off the lights individually but instead requires a second tap.i believe this because the default action in smart lighting is to “turn on” instead of read state and “toggle” or do the opposite.

(Ron) #155


Here is how I would do what you want to do.

  1. Add virtual button (I will call it All3)
  2. configure button 1 to toggle (All Three)
  3. configure button 2 to toggle (Light1)
  4. configure button 3 to toggle (Light2)
  5. configure button 4 to toggle (Light3)
  6. Create Rules to let virtual button in #1 control lights 1,2,3. You can do in smart lighting as two rules. Rule 1 will say turn on lights 1,2,3 when All3 is turned on, Rule 2 will say turn off lights 1,2,3 when All3 is turned off. (NOTE: if you have CoRE or other smart app that can accomplish this that would work as well.)


perhaps I can pick your brain again. the thing is, I don’t have trouble turning on all three lights with smart lighting. that setting is what I use the most and works fine on button 1. the trouble comes in when all three are already on. if i press button 2, the lamp, it doesn’t turn off as I would expect a “toggle” to behave. it’s the same for buttons 2 and 3. when the lights are on the switch tried to turn them in again then requires a second tap. any ideas to get a true toggle?

(Ron) #157

Something sounds wrong here. When you turn the light on/off individually does the smart app display the correct state?

Edit: you are correct it seems to not correctly manage the state. If you use on and default then it fails to turn off if you turn on using another method. If you default off the the opposite is true. I even tried setting both rules for same button. Oddly that works fine unless you turn on or off using another method then it flashes the next request. Confirms the issue.

So default on seems to only remember state if turned on using the smart lighting. It doesn’t monitor state.

Looks like you need to use something other that smart lighting.

I am not surprised, 90% of my setup is custom because the out of the box smart things stuff is very rudimentary and only works in very basic setups. You likely need core.

Personal what I do is configure press to on and hold to off. I don’t use toggle.

Sorry about that I thought my idea work. I think you should report this as a bug to their support. Make the bug report simple. Just 1 button which doesn’t stay in sync with 1 light. As in if I add a “SmartLighting” action to toggle 1 light when I press 1 button it works fine until I turn that light on/off using some other method. Once that happens the device goes out of sync and I need to press the button twice to get the state back in sync. SmartLighting “toggle” should check the current state of the device and not maintain it’s own “known state” from the last time it was used. Something like that.
I like to add the exact steps to set up and test the device. Makes the support request more likely to get addressed. But don’t hold your breath. I think you may need something like CoRE to get this done for now.

Edit 2: @ballbag123 Try this smart app. I played with it and it toggles by default and seems to work based on current state.

Still use the virtual button trick for controlling button 1 controls all three lights. The reason is you need some state for “toggle” to decide what to do.
Keep in mind it can only work based on the “last state” of the virtual button. Lets say light 1 is on and light 2 and 3 are off. The last time you pressed button 1 they were all on. What would you want to happen. It’s really impossible to tell.
That’s why I use button 1 press = all on, button 1 hold = all off. This way I am requesting what I really want. In my case you don’t need a virtual button. Just assign button1 press to turn them all on and button 2 hold to turn them all off.

Also, when you test don’t test too quickly. Give the cloud some time to register state. In other words wait 5-10 seconds between button presses while testing.


this is super helpful and I’m happy you were able to recreate the read state issue. I reported it to smartthings and they didn’t seem to care sure to my wall remote not being supported. I explained that the issue is not with the switch but the app read state.

I’ll check out your app this weekend. thanks again!

(Ron) #159

@ballbag123 that is typical SmartThings support response. I have given up on contacting them. This community is much better for help. 90% of my SmartThings system is custom so I get that answer all the time! They give us the power to customize and then say sorry we don’t support customized stuff.


ron thanks for you help. i wanted to follow up and say that i went with a different button configuration that has a “hard” on and off for each set of lights instead of the non-smart toggle. so even if they’re grouped together and turned on; i can “hard” turn them off with a press and hold command. it works for now until the toggle gets device state capability :confused:

(Ron) #161

Thanks for the update. Don’t hold your breath waiting for ST to fix this. It’s really difficult to convince them that something is wrong when the issue involves multiple steps. Basically SmartLighting works as long as you don’t use any other method to control the switch so when they test SmartLighting alone it passes. That’s my experience anyway. :crazy_face:

(Jon Pennington) #162

Hi guys
Can anyone drop me the exact how to on setting up the dimmer?
because the 5th button doesnt make much sense and everytime i set up tweaker it gives me what look like fault codes by flashing blue blue red on every press.
what number should the association group id be? i want to make button 1 so i can dim up and down. the other buttons just operate on of switches.
Trying to dimm a fibaro dimmer via button one.

cheers - im learning so it might be obvious to you guys