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[RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button


(Eric M) #61

@RobLaJolla @tallspawn So there is a difference in firmware versions that was making the color change parameter not get sent to the device. I have posted a new version that should resolve the issue.

(Travis) #62

That did the trick, thank you!!!

What kind of battery life are y’all getting? Mine seems to only last a few days, interesting thing I found tonight though is if I plug it in for a second it seems to make it work again. It’s almost like it’s hanging up until I plug it in for a second. Battery life is showing to be 62% but it keeps “shutting down”. Thanks!!

(Eric M) #63

I have noticed that with my units as well. It seems to happen more frequently after configuration parameters are set. It is definitely some kind of bug with the unit. I will reach out to Aeon to see what they say.

(Adam Phillips) #64


Thanks for the DH, I have a question, when i add the device in Smartthings and set my configurations it never says it is syncing so the changes to do not sync. I have the latest code, is there something i am doing wrong?


(Rob) #65

Yeah I noticed that too. If you force a sync on the device it will apply the changes.

(Adam Phillips) #66

Sorry how do I force a sync?

(Rob) #67

Just hold the button on the back down for about 3 seconds. It will start syncing. Be sure to release the button when it does. Holding it down for longer periods triggers other functions built in.

(Adam Phillips) #68

Thanks Rob will give it a go

(Adam Phillips) #69

So it flashes yellow constantly, is it meant to stop itself once synced or do it press the button again after a period of time.

(Eric M) #70

I just found a bug that was introduced with the last update that would affect newly added devices. Update to the newest handler should fix the issue.

(Adam Phillips) #71

Hi @erocm1231

do you mean version a75bf27 of the DH code?

That is the version i am using

(Eric M) #72

No, there is a new version that I posted about 45 minutes ago.

(Adam Phillips) #73


Thanks a a lot, its syncing a treat now, Now to get it working with my devices… :slight_smile:

(Subaru Syd) #74

Hi All,

I have 18 lifx lights set into groups via lifx app. I have also smarthings hub which have all these lifx lights imported into as well. I needed to have some kind of 4 button light switch solution so that i can control 3 groups of lifx lights individual lights like physical buttons. Is this possible with 4 button wallmote?

I am guessing if i connect this wallmote to the smartthings hub, then i can program these 4 buttons with the groups of lights i need to toggle off and on. Its mainly for the wifey as alexa dont understand as well and its getting frustrating for her. Can you please kindly advise?


(Eric M) #75

Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t have Lifx bulbs anymore so I don’t know if SmartThings can see the Lifx “groups”, but you should be able to use something light SmartLighting and select each individual bulb that is in the group and have one of the buttons on the Wallmote turn them on and off.

(Subaru Syd) #76

Thanks really appreciate it

(grepper) #77

I’ve been using this device and handler for about a month or two. For the most part it works fine, but occasionally it goes crazy. I’ll push a button (or sometimes accidentally brush my shoulder on it) and it will beep erratically for a few minutes turning things on and off.

Seems like something a firmware update might help. I got mine basically as soon as they were available. Anyone know if it is possible to update the firmware (or if Aeon has any updates?)

(Eric M) #78

It is possible and I believe they do have one. You need to have a serial based USB Z-Wave controller (Like the Aeon Z-Stick) and a Windows computer to do an OTA update though.

(Paul P) #79

Hey. First post! Anyway, anyone know where I can get one of these for a reasonable price. Amazon seems sold out.

(Chris) #80

Quick question-- sorry if I’m missing something obvious. I have the DTH installed and am able to see the device in smart things and have synced it, i believe, correctly. I am still missing the part where I can choose which if the 4 buttons I am using to control an action or event. I have gone into smart rules for example and can’t see how I would choose which specific button is used to control each action, routine etc. It seems to see it as all 4 being the same button. What am I missing? Thanks!